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C# Implicitly Typed Local Variable

In C#, we can create local variable without specifying its type. The C# var keyword is used to create implicit typed local variables. The C# compiler infers the types of variable on the basis of assigned value.

The var keyword can be used in following context.

  • To create local variables inside a method block.
  • In loop construct to initialize variable.
  • In using statement to store resource reference.

The var keyword has following restrictions.

  • It should use to declare and initialize local variable in the same statement.
  • It cannot be used to declare class variables.
  • It cannot be used to initialize multiple implicitly-typed variables in the same statement.
  • It cannot be used in initialization expression. Ex. var a = (a=220);

Let's see an example. Here, we have created integer, string and array type local variables.

C# Implicit Typed Local Variable Example



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