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C# Query Expression

C# Query Expression is an expression that is written by using LINQ query syntax. The LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a language that is used to construct a query.

C# Query Expression contains set of clauses and use query expression similar to SQL.

Query expression must start with from clause and end with a select or group clause.

To store the query, we must use IEnumerable type variable. It provides a IEnumerator.MoveNext method to iterate elements.

We can iterate elements from the IEnumerable sequence by using two ways.

  • IEnumerator.MoveNext method
  • foreach loop

Note: We must use System.Linq namespace to execute query expression.

Let's see an example that displays odd numbers from the array by using the expression query.

C# Query Expression Example 1



C# Query Expression Example 2

In this example, we are using query expression to fetch student name from the collection of students.

It displays a student, having student id 103.



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