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Grievance and Causes


Grievance is a kind of dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice experienced by an employee. It is related to his or her employment and expressed through a letter or a mail to the management.

Common causes of grievances

1) Economic

It is related to pay and other monetary benefits that an employee is entitled to get from the company. Accordingly, it includes issues related to salary hike, incentives, overtime payment, bonus and allowances, etc.


2) Work Conditions

It refers to the atmosphere in which the employees are working. If the atmosphere is unfavorable due to any reason like poor physical conditions, inferior equipments and unsafe workplace, grievances will be raised by the employees.

Work Conditions

3) Superiors

It refers to the attitude and behavior of seniors towards employees. So if the seniors are showing biased behaviors such as favoritism, nepotism and discrimination on the basis of caste or religion, the grievances will arise.


4) Company Policies

It refers to revised company policies that are not in favor of employees. The company policies like increased working hours, reduced promotions, poor safety measures and medical facilities will result in grievances.

Company Policies

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