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History of Satellite Systems

There is a long history of the development of satellites system from a communications point of view. Some important events are shown below in a tabular form:

Year Description
1945 Arthur C. Clarke publishes an essay titled "Extra Terrestrial Relays"
1957 First satellite, SPUTNIK
1960 First Reflecting communication satellite, ECHO
1963 First Geostationary satellite, SYNCOM
1965 First Commercial geostationary satellite, "Early Bird" (INTEKSAT I): 240 duplex telephone channels or 1 TV channel, 1.5 year lifetime.
1976 Three MARISAT satellites for maritime communication.
1982 First mobile satellite telephone system, INMARSAT - A
1988 First satellite system for mobile phones and data communication, INMARSAT -C
1993 First digital satellite telephone system
1998 Global satellite systems for small mobile phones.

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