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Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter is an ETL tool that is used to enterprise extract, transform, and load the data from the sources. We can build enterprise data warehouses with the help of the Informatica PowerCenter. The Informatica PowerCenter produces the Informatica Crop.

The Informatica PowerCenter is extracting data from its source, transforming this data according to requirements, and loading this data into a target data warehouse.

The main components of Informatica PowerCenter are its client tools, server, repository, and repository server. Both the PowerCenter server and repository server make up the ETL layer, which is used to complete the ETL processing.

The PowerCenter server executes tasks based on workflow created by workflow managers. The workflow is monitoring through a workflow monitor. The jobs are designed in a mapping designer inside the program, which establishes a mapping between source and target.

Mapping is a pictorial representation of the flow of data from source to target. Aggregation, filtering, and joining are significant examples of transformation.

The Informatica PowerCenter is highly available, fully scalable, and high-performing. PowerCenter provides a platform where we can execute all significant data integration projects and take an initiate all over the enterprises.

The Informatica PowerCenter is having the following services, such as:

  • B2B exchange.
  • Data governance.
  • Data migration.
  • Data warehousing.
  • Data synchronization and replication.
  • Integration Competency Centers (ICC).
  • Master Data Management (MDM).
  • Service-oriented architectures (SOA) and many more.

Informatica PowerCenter gives trustworthy solutions to developers of global IT industries, IT management, and business analysts. It delivers definite and trusted data to meet the operational and analytical requirements of the business.

And it also supports the collaboration between the IT companies and businesses for different data integration projects.

Informatica PowerCenter can access any data source from one platform. PowerCenter delivers the data on-demand, as well as batch, real-time, or change data capture (CDC).

Informatica PowerCenter can manage the broadest range of data integration, which treated as a single platform. The development of data warehouses and data marts is possible with the help of this ETL tool.

Informatica PowerCenter software meets with the enterprise expectations and requirements for scalability, security, and collaboration through the following capabilities, such as:

  • Dynamic partitioning
  • High availability/seamless recovery
  • Metadata management
  • Data masking
  • Grid computing support, and more

Informatica PowerCenter Products

Informatica PowerCenter offers a wide range of features which is designed for production administrator and global IT teams, as well as for individual developers and professionals:

  • Metadata Manager: It consolidates metadata into a unified integration catalog.
  • Development capabilities: It supports team-based, accelerates development, and simplify administration.
  • A set of visual tools and productivity tools: These type of tools helps to manage the administration and collaboration between different specialists.
  • Metadata-driven architecture

The Informatica ETL or Informatica PowerCenter product consists of three significant applications, such as:

  1. Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools: These tools are designed to enable a developer:
    • To report the metadata.
    • To manage the repository.
    • To monitor sessions' execution.
    • To define mapping and run-time properties.
  2. Informatica PowerCenter Repository: It is a center of Informatica tools where all data is stored, which is related to the mapping, sources, or targets.
  3. Informatica PowerCenter Server: It is a server where all the actions are executed. To fetch the data, it connects with the sources and targets. Then, apply for all the transformations and load the data into target systems.

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