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JSF CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) Application

JSF provides rich tools and library for creating application. Here, we are creating a CRUD application which involves the following steps.

Setup database

1) Create a database

JSF Crud application 1

2) select database

JSF Crud application 2

3) Create table

JSF Crud application 3

4) View table structure

JSF Crud application 4

we have successfully created database and table.

Now, create a JSF project and create the following files in respective subdirectories.

This example is created in NetBean IDE 8.2. following is the project structure of this example.

JSF Crud application 5

// index.xhtml

// create.xhtml

// edit.xhtml



Index Page

This is index page of the application. After running the project it populates the result from the mysql database users table.

JSF Crud application 6

Create Page : Add a new user record

You can add new user record in users table by using this application.

JSF Crud application 7

Index page after adding new record.

JSF Crud application 8

Update user record

Index Page before updating record.

JSF Crud application 9

Update Form

JSF Crud application 10

Index Page after updating record

JSF Crud application 11

Deleting record

Index page before deleting record.

JSF Crud application 12

Index page After deleting record

JSF Crud application 13


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