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LG 108 cm (43 Inches) 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV Review

The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV is a masterpiece offered by LG, a well-known electronics company. This TV has created a separate place for itself in the Television market. This TV promises to deliver the customer an exceptional and unmatched viewing experience. This article will review this fantastic TV and look deeply into its advanced features and functions. The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV contains the Nano Cell. We will see this Nano Cell's effect on the TV's quality and performance. Let us start.

LG 108 cm (43 Inches) 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV Review


Along with the TV, the LG provides a side foldable stand. Some documentations and wires are also there. The TV stand looks solid and is made up of good quality material. It is vital, foldable, and, most importantly, durable.

Weight and Build Quality of the TV

The weight of the TV is approximately 10.7 Kg. The build quality is also acceptable. It comprises a premium quality material that can fully satisfy a customer from the outside model. The build quality of this TV is maintained. LG has fulfilled its commitment to providing the best quality material in its products.


The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV follows the modern and advanced design. There are approx. 97 % display and 3 % bezel on the screen. The thin bezels (boundary of the actual display of the TV) and slim profile give it a premium look. Its sleek and slim design enhances its look. The front side of the TV has no buttons; on the back side, there are jacks and ports for different purposes. Speakers are also available at the backside only. This 43 inches or 108 cm TV fits perfectly in an average-sized room. It enhances the beauty of the room.

User Interface

The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV has a smooth and clear UI that enhances the user's comfort. It would be best if you were used to controlling its advanced UI. All the options are at the top of the screen. The app menu is also there, which contains almost all the apps that you need, like ZEE 5, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, MX player, Disney + Hot star, etc. Better UI than Android. The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV has an excellent UI. It is straightforward to control and use. No Rocket Science is required to understand its working.

Remote Control

At the top are the power button, numbers, buttons for channel forward and backward, Home Button, voice assistant, input, and many more helpful buttons. The remote is very easy to use. The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV has a straightforward yet highly functional remote. This remote is less compact than the one from a Samsung device. Almost all of LG's televisions come with the same remote control. If we ignore the appearance, this remote has all the latest features you need to grasp TV control.

The up, down, left, right, home, help, and power ON/OFF buttons are provided in the proper locations. In the middle of the remote control is a scroll wheel that works similarly to a computer mouse and lets you move across the screen. This remote can also be used to operate a cursor. The remote has a setting button so the user would not have trouble accessing TV settings. The remote has separate buttons for OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube to improve comfort. Right now, everything is available to you. The LG Magic Remote, which supports motion control and voice commands, adds an extra convenience layer.

Voice Assistant

Two assistants, one of Google and the other of Alexa, are available on the TV. You can set up your desired assistant to use it. Well, its assistance could be more decisive, and it only sometimes works. So, it is highly recommended to search manually.


The LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV has a high-resolution display of 3840 X 2160. You will experience an enhanced 4k quality with bright and vivid collections of colors. HDR 10 + certified display. This TV provides the best display among other TVs in this price range.

Display Mode

Many display modes are inbuilt and provided by the LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV, giving you a beautiful viewing experience. Some basic modes available are Vivid, Standard, APS mode, Cinema (yellow toning increases), Cricket (intensity of the colors increases in this mode), Game Optimizer for gaming, Filmmaker mode, and Expert mode. You will experience the most bright and brilliant colors in the Vivid mode. You can choose the display mode according to your viewing choice and past experiences with the previous TVs.


20 W speakers are present in the system, which will give an immersive audio experience. The speakers are tuned so that you will feel like 50 W speakers are working rather than 20 W. This kind of tuning is rare to see. The built-in speakers produce clear and well-balanced sound, providing a unique audio experience. However, for a more cinematic experience, connecting external audio devices such as a soundbar or a bass tube is recommended. If you have a small room, it would be enough for you to use this TV without any external sound-supporting device.

Sound Mode

Many stunning sound modes are inbuilt and provided by the LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV that gives you a beautiful audio experience. Some basic modes available are; Game optimizer mode, AI sound mode, Standard mode (low sound compared to other modes), Cinema mode, Clear voice mode, Cricket sound mode, and Music mode. You can choose the sound mode according to your listening choice and past experiences with the previous TVs. Overall, the customized sound option makes this TV different from others and gives the support to stand out in the electronics market.

Screen Casting

An easy screen casting feature you can see on the TV. It would help if you turned ON the screencast or share screen option from your mobile, and the Web OS feature made it possible to cast the screen wirelessly. Screen Casting works on Google Home, YouTube, Google Photos, and other Google streaming applications. Screen mirroring options are also available in the LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV. It allows you to direct mirror your phone wirelessly to the TV. You have control over your phone, and the activities you will perform on your phone will be shown on the Tv as it is. It will display all media types, whether picture, video, audio, presentation in a pdf format, or any document.

Also, the HDR viewing experience is mind-blowing on this TV. HD videos run smoothly without any lag or broking pixels. You can switch to different HDMIs. The price of the LG 108 cm 4k Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV 43 inches is around 40,000 rupees. This price is apart from other discounts like bank, employee, refer, etc. You can easily buy this TV for 35000 - 36000 rupees by applying any of the discounts.


Regarding connectivity, the TV offers multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, and Ethernet, allowing you to connect various devices such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and sound systems. Three HDMI ports (two at the back and one on the side), and two USB ports (one at the back and the other on one of its sides), Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity lets you wirelessly connect your headphones or speakers for private listening. Wi-fi feature is also there to connect your smart TV with your mobile's hotspot or router.

Performance and Features

The performance of the LG 108 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV is impressive. The TV's processor ensures smooth operation, quick app loading times, and seamless multitasking. Whether you are streaming your favorite shows, playing games, or browsing the web, this TV handles it all without facing any problems. The webOS platform provides a user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation and access to various apps and streaming services. The LG Content Store offers a collection of popular applications, ensuring you always have entertainment options. The inclusion of AI ThinQ technology further enhances the overall experience. With integrated voice control, you can easily control the TV, search for content, and manage smart home devices.


The LG 108 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV stands out, bringing a brilliant visual tool to your living room. The combination of its stunning 4K resolution, Nano Cell technology, and intelligent features ensures an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. With its sleek design, intuitive interface, and ample connectivity options, this TV is a solid choice for anyone seeking a feature-rich and visually impressive television. Other features like display, wireless screen sharing and connectivity, sound, the magic remote control, and distinct modes help this TV stand out differently in the competitive market.

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