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Panasonic 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV TH-65JX750DX Review

LED TV is a modern entertainment technology gadget that often uses many light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to represent a bright backlight television screen. A real LED TV is one of those vast screens you see at sports events, concerts, and grand prix. LED TVs are potent devices for providing high-definition images.

Panasonic 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV TH-65JX750DX Review

They have extensive displays of tens or hundreds of thousands of incredibly bright LED lights. LEDs are usually too big and heavy for televisions, but they are ideal as backlighting LCD crystals. We all enjoy LED TV. Here we review Panasonic 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV.

Information about the Panasonic 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Display Type: LED
  • Television Type: Flat Panel.
  • Display Size: 165 cm (65 inches)
  • Resolution for HD technology: Ultra HD (4K), 3840 x 2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Image Formats Supported: JPEG, PNG
  • No. of Speakers: 2
  • Date First Available: 23 August 2021
  • Video Formats Supported: MPEG-1, MPEG-2
  • Output Per Speaker:10 W
  • Audio Formats Supported: MP3, WMA
  • USB Ports: 2 Ports
  • HDMI Ports: 3 Ports
  • USB Supports: Audio, Video, Image
  • Power Consumption Standby: 0.5 W
  • Frequency Requirement: 50 - 60 Hz
  • Voltage Requirement:110 - 240 V
  • Connector Type: Wi-Fi
  • Customer Reviews: 3.9 stars out of 5 stars

About the Panasonic 165 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

Panasonic 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV TH-65JX750DX Review
  • The 65-inch Ultra HD 4K
  • Smart TV with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Direct lets you connect any compatible device to your TV. It provides incredible visual quality.
  • Smart TV brings the visuals to life.

It has a vast color gamut to get sharper colors, more clarity, and better contrast details. It has an Accuview display and a wide Viewing Angle, giving you more information. Additionally, it contains all the capabilities you require to enhance your viewing pleasure. You can listen to the fantastic sound of the speakers with the built-in Home Theater system and Dolby Audio. And with Android 10, you can even control it with Google Assistant. All in all, it's the perfect TV for you.

If you want a complete entertainment set, this Smart TV is the best option. You can view anything on a large screen because of its abundance of OTT apps. It works with Google Home; thus, you won't have to leave the house to enjoy your favorite music and television programs.

It's got Wi-Fi, so you can connect to a fast internet network and watch your favorite shows and sports. Additionally, it includes a 32GB internal storage capacity. Plus, its super sleek and stylish 4K LED Ultra HD Android TV is designed to be compatible with Wi-Fi, allowing users to connect to a fast-loading internet network.

Connect to compatible audio and input devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Even high-quality music and video information may be sent and streamed from various devices, including set-top boxes, pen drives, and other portable storage media. You can view files on your TV from a USB drive, such as movies, music, etc. This Smart TV has a Bluetooth remote control with hotkeys for added convenience.

Why Purchase the Panasonic LX 165cm (65-Inch) Ultra HD 4K LED Android TV?

Suppose you're looking for the best Android TV for your home or office. The 65-inch Ultra HD 4K smart TV with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth support lets you wirelessly connect compatible devices to your TV. With two USB ports & three HDMI ports, you can easily connect any device to your smart TV.

  • Enjoy the smooth performance with the Android 10 Operating system.
  • Utilize Google Assistant's built-in speech recognition features.
  • Enjoy 20 Watts of Audio output for the most immersive listening experience.
  • When you buy the brand-new Android Smart TV from Panasonic, you'll enjoy the incredible visual quality of the 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.
Panasonic 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV TH-65JX750DX Review

This smart TV has a range of features, including a refresh rate of 60Hz, three HDMI ports, two USB ports, one VGA slot, one headphone jack, one AV output slot, one AV input slot, and one RF slot. It also has an Accuview display, a HEXA chrome drive, a wide color gamut, a 4K color engine, a 178-degree viewing angle, and HDR.

Additionally, it is equipped with Android OS 10, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, MirAle, Google Assistant, Alexa compatibility, 8GB of ROM, and in-built applications such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hotstar. One Year Standard Warranty is included with this product.

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