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LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Review

The LG 4k UHD Smart TV might be something to think about if you're looking to get a new TV at an affordable cost. Purchasing a UHD TV is the ideal course of action if you already own a standard TV that isn't 4K and are considering upgrading. But what exactly is UHD TV?

Well, 4K TVs and UHD TVs have been popular choices. In comparison to a regular TV, they are four times better. Additionally, they feature improved contrast, brightness, and color. They provide several features that might greatly simplify your life as well. This television goes above and beyond the ordinary!

LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Review

With a quick quad-core CPU and excellent picture clarity, LG Electronics' LG 49 4K UHD Smart TV is a premium item. It's possible that the finest smart TV for watching is this LED TV, as it has a wonderful 49-inch screen size, a fantastic image, and Stars Select settings. According to user evaluations, it's unquestionably an excellent TV, with consumers finding the picture quality and audio/video to be outstanding for the low price. This falls under the heading of the greatest TVs.

LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Specifications

  • Size of screen: 49 inches
  • Brand: LG Supported
  • Services on the Internet: YouTube
  • Screen Technology: LED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Special Feature: Built-in WiFi, Cloud Photo and Video, Netflix, Share and Control, Magic Remote, and AI ThinQ are all included with smart TVs.Cloud Photo and Video, Netflix, Share and Control, Magic Remote, and AI ThinQ are just a few of the features available on smart TVs.
  • Identifier: 49UK6360PTE
  • Included items: Include a single LED television, a tabletop stand, an instruction manual, a warranty card, and a remote control.
  • Connectivity Technology:Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI are every type of connectivity.

LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Review

1. Built and Design

A huge display with fairly sharp edges comes along with the LG UHD, covering up nearly all of its front side. This means you'll get a large screen with a gorgeous, simplistic design. On the opposite side, the LG 4k UHD Smart TV isn't extremely compact.

It is quite thick, but as it gets near the edges, it starts to get thinner and thinner. Although it has a little retro vibe, that is still a wonderful thing. However, I like the new flat-screen layout where the TV has precisely the same measurements everywhere.

The stands have been wrapped when they are delivered. It is not a single component. Two metal stands make up the object. Similar to the LG A1. They are the same on both sides and lack left and right. It just requires three screws for each stand to install these stands; after that, you're good to go.

The LG 4k UHD Smart TV only offers one stand position, in opposition to the two alternatives seen on the other LG TVs. There are embedded speakers right next to the stand that we will explore in more depth with regard to how they perform in the few parts that follow. This TV has a wonderful flat back without any bumps, which is one of its best features. It is thick, but the design is more basic and uses the same color and material despite the thickness.

LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Review

The ports have been built with a design that accommodates the possibility of wall mounting. However, sadly, there is no integrated cable management. However, there is a wire tie that includes in the package that will assist you with that.

2. Display

The LG UHD TV was designed to keep you entertained by lifting what you watch to a new level. It produces genuine 4K visuals with brilliant color and great detail for movies, sports, and video games. Experience four times the amount of detail of Full HD and visuals that are more lifelike.

With over a billion vibrant colors available overall, thanks to LG's uniquely created IPS 4K Display, more shades of color may be reproduced with finer gradations. The IPS 4K Display produces a more precise and lifelike image from a wider viewing angle. The latest industry standard for visual quality on this TV is HDR (High Dynamic Range). With a greater range of contrast, it offers fine detail and vibrant color. The LG UHD TV supports the HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro formats.

The angle from which to view this TV appears adequate and has no effect on the colors or brightness, considering the fact that it does not appear on the official LG Website. Although it is not excellent, it is still superior to many TVs. This implies that you may position your TV in your room at whatever angle you desire.

On the other hand, reflections could bother you if you're viewing a dark movie scene while sitting in a bright environment. The LG 4k UHD Smart TV fails to perform an outstanding job of preventing light reflections. Therefore, pay attention to where you place it since it will be ideal in a space that is either mid-light or even dark.

3. Modes and Scaling

Given that the majority of the material is not 4K these days, some individuals may believe that 4K is not that essential. Let me clarify that this TV, like virtually every other TV on the market right now, has the ability to upscale video from lower resolutions to higher resolutions.

Both when it works and the difference is visible and when it doesn't work are both possible. However, everything functions without any problems. In addition to all of this, the most recent version of LG's operating system has included a variety of additional viewing modes.

Although you may choose any version you want, the filmmaker mode is the finest option. Premium TVs, including 8K TVs, come with all of these features. Therefore, purchasing this TV will put some excellent features at an affordable price in your control.

4. Gaming

Professional gamers consider the contrast to be an essential part of their enjoyment of the viewing experience when playing Forza. Right? The LG 4k UHD Smart TV seems to struggle with having deep blacks when it pertains to contrast. It's excellent for you if you're a frequent gamer since you're most likely not going to notice any change if all you worry about is having fun while playing.

The difference will be obvious, however, if you're an expert who cares about how the colors should be. However, this degree of contrast is excellent for an IPS screen of this size. Yet, there is a technique to boost the contrast and give the impression that you are using an OLED display.

In this case, the key is dimming technology, which disables the local lighting zones in particular parts of the frame. Additionally, this TV is great since it supports a 120Hz refresh rate. You can turn an IPS panel into an OLED TV-like display by adding dimming technology to it.

The Game Optimizer is one of the best features offered by the LG 4k UHD Smart TV's gaming section. If you are looking for LG TVs, I'm sure you've heard of them. By presenting the frame rate, the black stabilizer, the minimal latency, as well as additional variables, the game enhancer makes it possible for you to learn the specifications of each game you play. These parameters may be modified to meet your needs.

5. Connectivity

When it comes to connections, I am aware that the HDMI 2.1 port?which is compatible, unlike certain OLED TVs like the LG A1?is the first item you should consider if you are a gamer. You have 4 HDMI 2.1 (4K 120Hz) ports that you may use to connect to your top Xbox and Play Station 5 game consoles.

There is no issue with it. Regarding the various connection ports, this LG 4k UHD Smart TV supports all of the ones you want, featuring USB ports, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Antenna cable, and many more ports.

LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Review

6. Remote Control

The LG 4k UHD Smart TV has a remote control that is similar to those on all other LG TVs. Same button locations, same button functions, everything the same. Along with the voice control, the shortcuts on the remote allow you to open your most used programs.

Additionally, you get a Magic Remote that allows you to operate the TV with simple remote-control gestures. It looks like using a wireless mouse to operate your laptop. The remote and its batteries are, of course, included in the package with the TV.

LG 49 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED TV Review

The audio is loud and clear, which is pertinent to this topic. This was designed for an ordinary customer. However, suppose you're a professional concerned with sound quality, rhythms, and other things. Then, you could believe that the sound quality is moderate. Therefore, you have to get some sound bars for your TV.

7. Accessories

Two different kinds of attachments are available for the LG 4k UHD Smart TV. The ones that are packaged together and those that are available for individual purchase. You receive the remote control, the stand, the e-Manual, and a quick guide for those items that come in the box, which you may require if you intend to unbox the TV yourself or mount the stand on it.


The quick answer is yes, if that's what you're searching for. The LG 4k UHD Smart TV is the perfect choice for you if you already have a non-4K TV and wish to switch to an entry-level 4K, whether it's for viewing or playing. As you can see, this TV has several benefits, including the ability to be customised to resemble an OLED TV. Additionally, you have a screen that is within the biggest in the room.

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