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Sphere Magnets

Sphere magnets are the type of magnets that comes in the shape of a sphere. There are various magnets available in different shapes. Every type of magnets has its advantages and applications. Here, we will discuss the sphere magnets, their advantages and their applications.

The sphere magnets can also be used by hobbyists, magic, and small projects. It comes in wide varieties ranging from small magnetism to large magnetism. Sphere magnets are known as ball magnets.

It looks like the image shown below:

Sphere Magnets

Advantages of Sphere Magnets

The advantages of sphere magnets are listed below:

  • Creating fun projects
  • Magnetization
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in various sizes
  • High heat resistance

Plating on sphere magnets

Plating is an essential process to protect the magnets from external environmental conditions, such as air, moisture, dust, etc.

There are different types of plating on sphere magnets. Let's discuss some of the most common platings.

  • Gold plated sphere magnets
    The thin malleable ability of the gold makes the plating process easy. It protects the magnets from wear and tear, which increases their life span.
  • Chrome plating
    The chrome plating on the magnets increases its durability. It is considered the strongest and durable plating compared to other types of plating. But, the high force of attraction between strong magnets can still break such type of coatings.

Sphere magnet materials

The powerful magnet materials signify the materials that have strong magnetism or are strongly attracted by the magnet. Here, we will discuss the sphere magnet materials.

  • Neodymium
    Neodymium is considered one of the strongest materials in the world. It is a type of rare-earth magnets. It means that neodymium is an alloy composes of rare- earth elements. It has replaced other permanent magnets due to its strongest magnetism. It can also retain magnetism. Hence, neodymium material is also known as ferromagnetic material.
  • Aluminum - Nickel - Cobalt
    The aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets have a high physical strength that prevents them from breaking. Such magnet materials are commonly used in audio applications, such as loudspeakers, sensors, etc.
  • Ceramic
    The ceramic magnet materials are cheaper. Such magnets are found in refrigerators, musical instruments, etc.

Applications of Sphere Magnets

The unique shape of sphere magnets provides invisible strength compared to other types of magnets. Due to their spherical shape, it becomes difficult to place them on flat surfaces. It means that sphere magnets work best when used with sphere magnets.

The common application includes small classroom projects, magnetic games, fun use, and DIY projects. Let's discuss some common applications of the sphere magnets:

  • Creating Sandbox
    We can use the combination of sphere magnets and a bar magnet to create a sandbox used to create fun sand art. In this way, we can easily create fun art pieces.
  • Magnetic games
    The magnetic games include fishing games, electronic rotating toys, etc. Such games are created with the help of magnets.
  • DIY Projects
    We can use some iron nails, sphere magnets, etc., to depict the magnetic properties. We can also use strong magnets, such as neodymium sphere magnets. But, it needs to be handled with care.
  • Fun use
    We can arrange a bundle of sphere magnets in the form of multiple rows and columns. We can also create any fun shape or toy with the help of various sphere magnets.

Note: The powerful available earth magnetic material commonly used for rod and sphere magnets is neodymium. It is one of the rarely available magnet materials.

The sphere magnet made with the neodymium material has excellent strength.

Safety Regulations of a magnet

Sphere Magnets

There are some safety regulations to consider before using magnets.

  • Keep away from children
    Most of the magnets are made of neodymium materials. Neodymium is a material that can be a threat to the lungs and liver of a human body. Children can swallow such magnets while playing, which can be harmful to them. Hence, it is not recommended for children.
  • Keep away from sensitive electronic devices
    The neodymium magnets or other types of strong permanent magnets should be kept at a certain distance (at least 10cm) from sensitive electronic devices. It is because the strong magnetic field produced by such magnets can damage the nearby electronic devices. Other devices, such as storage devices, wristwatches, credit, and debit cards, can also be affected by strong permanent magnets.
  • Handle the magnets carefully
    The two strong magnets or neodymium magnets have a strong force of attraction between their opposite poles. While handling magnets, our fingers can easily stick between the two magnets that may cause a cut. In the case of strong permanent magnets, it can even break the bones of a finger. Hence, it is recommended to handle the magnets carefully.
  • Wear protective eyewear in an open environment
    Some of the magnet materials, such as neodymium, cobalt, etc., are brittle materials. Their exposure in an open environment may cause shiny reflections that can harm our eyes. Hence, it is recommended to wear protective eyewear.
  • Keep away from fire
    Some of the magnet materials are highly flammable and can easily catch fire. Hence, it is recommended to keep the magnet away from the fire.
  • Keep the magnets away from moisture and water
    The neodymium magnets cannot work for longer if kept under moisture conditions. It means that such magnets are not waterproof. Hence, it should be kept away from moisture and water.

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