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Apache Tika Installation

To install Tika, we can use couple of ways on the basis of requirement. Some common installation options are given below.

  1. Source Release
  2. Maven Dependency
  3. Command Line Utility

Note: Tika 1.18 require Java 7 or higher for implementation.

1. Source Release

First visit the official site of Apache Tike and download latest version from there. After downloading, we can use it's libraries to implement in our application.

The Tika build contains the following components.

Component Description
tika-core/target/tika-core-*.jar It is core library that contains core classes and interfaces.
tika-parsers/target/tika-parsers-*.jar It is a Tika parser library. It contains the classes that implement the Tika Parser interface based on external libraries.
tika-app/target/tika-app-*.jar A Tika application, which is a runnable jar that has Graphical User Interface and command line interface.
tika-server/target/tika-server-*.jar It contains Tika JAX-RS REST application.
tika-bundle/target/tika-bundle-*.jar It is an OSGI bundle which contains tika-parsers with non-OSGified parser libraries. It makes them easy to deploy on OSGI environment.
tika-eval/target/tika-eval-*.jar It provides a command-line tool to assess the output of Tika.

2. To implement Tika in maven project, we can use following dependencies in pom.xml file.

3. Command Line Utility

Apart from source code, we can also download jar file from the official site. This file is runnable and can be run by using the following command.

This command will open a GUI window that looks like this:

Tika Installation

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