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PDFBox Working with Fonts

In PDFBox, there might be a need to add text with different font family and size. The PDFBox specification states that "The standard set of 14 fonts will always be available in working with PDF documents". In PDFBox, these set of 14 fonts are defined as constants in the PDType1Font class. A Font is loaded from a file by using PDType1Font API. PDFBox supports the following fonts-

Standard Font Discription
PDType1Font.TIMES_ROMAN Times regular
PDType1Font.TIMES_BOLD Times bold
PDType1Font.TIMES_ITALIC Times italic
PDType1Font.TIMES_BOLD_ITALIC Times bold italic
PDType1Font.HELVETICA Helvetica regular
PDType1Font.HELVETICA_BOLD Helvetica bold
PDType1Font.HELVETICA_OBLIQUE Helvetica italic
PDType1Font.HELVETICA_BOLD_OBLIQUE Helvetica bold italic
PDType1Font.COURIER Courier
PDType1Font.COURIER_BOLD Courier bold
PDType1Font.COURIER_OBLIQUE Courier italic
PDType1Font.COURIER_BOLD_OBLIQUE Courier bold italic
PDType1Font.SYMBOL Symbol Set
PDType1Font.ZAPF_DINGBATS Dingbat Typeface

We can configured font for text by using setFont API available on Content Stream.


This example creates a new document and prints the text "Hello World!!!" using one of the PDF base Font.


After successful execution of the above program, open the PDF Document which shows the following output.

PDFBox Working with Fonts

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