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Pros and Cons of PhoneGap

There are lots of Pros and Cons of the PhoneGap which are as follows:


1. Two advantages in one go

PhoneGap is one of the most popular cross-platform. By doing this, we can design a single application, and after that, we can send it across all the mobile platforms. PhoneGap plays an important role in both the business and the development. By using PhoneGap, the business and developer products are on a roll within the shortest possible Time To Market Less effort, and less cash.

2. Release uniform items over all platforms

In the initial stages of product development in businesses, the consistency issues arise. By this consistency issue, discharging uniform functionalities over all the mobile platforms were not possible. An app designed for Android may look different in IOS and vice versa. PhoneGap makes it feasible to bring uniformity through the cross-platform application development system.

3. No compelling reason to employ master designers

We need experts for the improvement of local applications. These experts just create items for a particular platform. PhoneGap makes it easy for businesses. We can make a cross-platform application using HTML CSS, and JavaScript. It is a piece of good news for the developers also because they don't need to learn new languages for using this environment.

4. Each application can act like a native application

When the PhoneGap applications take advantage of utilized properties and the cell phone's equipment, they work as the native applications. The utilize properties include geolocation, accelerometer, camera, etc. This system delivers amazing UX across all the time. In fact, the customer will hardly realize that it is cross-platform.

5. Powerful Backend

When the framework is a strong backend framework, it reduces development efforts and helps us in fast product development. We refer you to visit PhoneGap's beginner's guide to get knowledge about the development advancement process. A robust backend looks like a solid root because it actually affects the performance of our application.

6. Open Source

The PhoneGap framework is an open-source framework. There is no need to purchase anything as it is freely available in the market. PhoneGap provides the developing network for uploading details of new modules and code.

7. Backed by Apache, Powered by Apache Cordova

The developers of the PhoneGap are controlled by Apache Cordova. PhoneGap is the distribution of Apache Cordova. Some extra instruments which are tied into different services of Adobe are contained in it.

8. Simple to work plugins

The PhoneGap and Cordova plugins help to broaden native functionalities while developing applications. StatusBar Social Sharing Barcode Scanner GAPlugin Pushwoosh PushPlugin, and Facebook Connect are some of the plugins in the repositories.


The developers are much impressed with PhoneGap and do work well because it has very few cons than its pros.

1. Doesn't support Plugins with hooks

The plugins with hook are not supported by PhoneGap Builds, which cause blocking with functionality. For example, WordPress has hooks that encourage developers to tie their code to WP with the center code base, plugins, and themes. In addition, PKGBuild does not support Cordova Snares.

2. Not appropriate for hardware intensive apps

PhoneGap fails to deliver a gaming application with all its APIs and the complexity of plugins. The developers of the games are probably going to encounter 'drop' and 'stop' issues after message pop-up from their applications.

3. Need a Mac for creating iOS applications

In order to designed iOS applications, we require Mac. The reason is that we cannot design an iOS application without downloading its SDKs. However, we can compete with the limitation with the help of PhoneGap Build as it can arrange our build and return the last file.

4. Plugins could be outdated.

The next limitation is that the plugins of the PhoneGap can be outdated after using it. It can affect application functionality. We don't have plugins for certain features like geolocation, camera, etc.

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