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Spring Security Remember Me

Remember me is a feature that allows a user to access into application without re-login. User's login session terminates after closing the browser and if user again access the application by opening browser, it prompts for login.

But we can avoid this re-login by using remember me feature. It stores user's identity into the Cookie or database and use to identity the user.

We are implementing this into the following example. Lets see an example.

Create a Maven Project

First create a maven project and provide the project details.

Spring Security Remember Me

Initially, project looks like this:

Spring Security Remember Me 2

Spring Security Configuration

Configure the project to implement spring security. It requires following four Java files. First create a package com.javatpoint and put all the files into this.





In this class, we are creating user and authenticating as well. The rememberMe() method inside the configure() method is responsible to remember and store user identity.


Create a controller HomeController inside the com.javatpoint.controller package. See the controller code.



Create view (JSP pages) to produce output to the browser.

// index.jsp

// admin.jsp

// login.jsp

This is our custom login page in which we added remember me check box. See the code.

Project Dependencies

Following is our pom.xml file that contains all required dependencies.

// pom.xml

Project Structure

After adding all the files the project structure looks like this:

Spring Security Remember Me 3

Run Server


Spring Security Remember Me 4

Click on Admin login link and login.

Spring Security Remember Me 5

See, we have clicked on remember me check box.

Spring Security Remember Me 6

Copy the URL: http://localhost:8080/springrememberme/admin and close the browser completely. After a second open browser and paste the copied URL.

See, it does not ask for login and land us on the same page. Because we did check remember me button during login.

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