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SVG Tools

There are various tools for interacting with SVG. These are as follows:


Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. It is used to build and optimize the vector graphics in the form of logos, illustrations, charts, diagrams and multiplex imagery.

It uses SVG as its native file format. It is supported on Mac OSX, Unix like OS and Microsoft Windows.

Objects in Inkscape can do affine transformations (rotating, skewing, moving, scaling). Inkscape is used to do text editing for both regular multi-line text and flowed text.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a premier professional graphics tool. It is used by designers, architects, artists and others. It is very powerful tool and serves as the de facto standard for vector based drawing.

Adobe Illustrator has exported content to SVG because of Adobe's seminal involvement in the development of the SVG standard. Adobe has recently recommenced its involvement in the SVG Working Group because of this heavy early involvement in SVG development.

Apache Batik

Batik is an open source tool from the Apache Software Foundation. The toolkit of Batik is written in Java and nearly has completed SVG 1.1 support as well as some features that were originally planned for SVG 1.2.

Apache Batik is used to provide a viewer and a rasterizer for PNG output. Apart from that, Batik has an SVG pretty printer to format SVG files and a TrueType-to-SVG-Font converter. It can transform the SVG to PDF.


Using the Snap.svg, you can create, build and edit SVG files for free to create modern and state of the art animations. It is designed for modern browsers. Through the SVG, you can create the interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen.

Snap.svg supports the newest SVG features like clipping, masking, full, patterns, groups and gradients.


SVG-Edit is a fast, web-based, JavaScript-driven SVG drawing editor. It can work in any modern browser. It produces the fairly clean code and provides an easy way to create SVG drawings without interrupting your workflow by opening a new application window.

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