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Agile Design

Design plays a vital role in any software development process. The agile team also focuses on "what to do about design" because of the following four factors:

  • Many crucial factors focus on loyal designs during the planning process. Design forces towards waterfall culture throughout product implementation.
  • Designers also interact with a cross team for a limited time.
  • Designers don't always have an easy way to report feedback to the engineering team.
  • The presentation and logic layers are not still transparent. They are not separated clearly in the code base, making style changes difficult.

The product design process and customer interview

The agile is divided into several methodologies and processes. These methodologies and processes keep the iterative and free-flowing nature of the technique at their core. The agile design and development methodology used especially in engineering development, and this process called Scrum.

Agile Design

Customer interviews can be an informative part of the project design phase. We will have several of those "light bulb" movements during interviews. It encourages the people who are interviewing with other members of the team (engineering, marketing, design, etc.)

There are several resources that are available on which we conduct an interview- the logistics, methods, and techniques.

The customer interview pyramid:

Atlassian is a simple framework that helps in building the customer interview pyramid. This pyramid looks like as

Agile Design

Communication Observation: At the bottom of the pyramid, we will get the very minimum. We should all come back from an interview and be able to list observations as we don't need any experience to regulate what you've seen.

Interpret problems: Above the Communication Observation, it is an interpret problem. It is explaining the user's behavior and grouping them with an over-arching problem statement.

Connecting opportunities: This is the peak of the pyramid where the most value comes in combining the problem with potential opportunities or related patterns. This helps influence a roadmap and make decisions about what to tackle next.

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