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Agile Product Backlog

The agile product backlog in Scrum is a list of prioritized features. It contains a short description of all the functionalities desired in the product. In usual scenario, items should be broken down into user stories. Commonly, a Scrum team and its product owner write everything that they can think for agile backlog prioritization.

Why Product Backlog is Important?

  • The backlog is prepared to provide an estimate of each feature.
  • It helps in the planning of the product's roadmap.
  • It helps in the re-ranking the features of the product by adding more value to it.
  • It assists in determining the priority of the product first. The team member works first on the higher prioritize product.

Characteristics of Product Backlog

Each product should have its own product backlog. It can be a set of large to very large features.

Multiple team members can work on a single product backlog.

Ranking of product is based on the technical value, business value, risk management, or strategic fitness.

Highest priorities items are decomposed into smaller stories during release planning. This is because they can be completed in future iterations.

The Product Backlog comprises the following different types of items:

  • Features
  • Bugs
  • Technical work
  • Knowledge acquisition

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