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Difference between AngularJS and Bootstrap

AngularJS and Bootstrap are the two well-known front-end frameworks in the market. AngularJS is a structural framework used to develop dynamic web apps. It provides MVC architecture with data model bindings. But Bootstrap uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that makes the application development comparatively faster.


AngularJS is an open-source framework used to develop dynamic web applications. It converts static HTML into dynamic HTML file. It has features such as dynamic binding and eliminates the need for dependency injection code that we would otherwise have to write.

Note: Angular is different from AngularJs.

Why use it?

  • Simple to use: It is easy to use because it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Time saving: AngularJs allows us to work with time saving components that violates unnecessary code.
  • Ready to use templates: It uses plain HTML templates and sends it to the DOM and then AngularJS compiler. It has many online readymade templates for use.


Bootstrap is an independent and open-source front-end web development framework. It is a collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code designed to create user interface components. Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites. Many developers use it as a popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for building responsive websites and web applications.

Why use it?

There are following reasons that Bootstrap is at the forefront of the web framework; some of them are:

  • Reusable: Bootstrap contains readymade components, CSS styles, and plug-ins. Hence, we can use the components and styles in our code, which will save time and helps in rapid development of the website.
  • Mobile-first: Mobile-first means that we can build the website for smartphones after that we can tailor it to larger sizes.
  • Easy to get started: Bootstrap contains many ready-to use templates, and plugins. It requires only HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • Open Source: It is open source in nature and free to download.
  • Great Grid System: It uses a powerful column grid system that effectively divides the web page.

AngularJS Vs. Bootstrap

S.N. Key Differences AngularJS Bootstrap
1 Developed by Google has developed AngularJs. Bootstrap is developed and designed by the team of Twitter.
2 Fundamental Difference It uses the component that makes its developed application more structural. Twitter introduced Bootstrap with widespread libraries such as CSS, Styles, and JavaScript as a part of the open-source community.
3 Framework It is a JavaScript framework. It is not a JavaScript framework.
4 The Frame It is not the CSS framework. It is a CSS framework.
5 Essential Facts It provides the two-way data binding. It does not provide the two-way data binding.
6 Machine AngularJs has a better templating engine than Bootstrap. Bootstrap does not have a potent template engine.
7 Mobile Application Development AngularJs cannot support the development of mobile-based applications. Bootstrap plays a vital role in the development of mobile applications.
8 Responsiveness AngularJs does not support responsiveness. Bootstrap applications are responsive by default.
9 Routing The routing concept implements navigation between pages and screens. Bootstrap has not supported the routing concept.
10 Dependency Injection AngularJs supports dependency injection for development. Bootstrap cannot support the dependency injection concept.

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