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Finance Differences List

Finance is a broad term that basically refers to the creation, management and study of money and other financial instruments. It involves a set of techniques that people or organizations use to manage their financial affairs. Some groups of people prefer to categorize finance into three different categories: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance.

  • Public Finance refers to the study of the role of government in the economy of a country. It assesses the government revenue and government expenditure like tax, budgeting, debt issuance policies, i.e. it studies how the government pays for the services it provides to the public.
  • Personal finance generally refers to analyzing a person's or a family's current financial position, predicting short-term and long-term needs and planning to fulfill these needs within financial constraints. It is a personal activity that mainly involves earning, living requirements and goals of a person.
  • Corporate finance refers to the financial activities related to the capital structure of a corporation including its funding and the actions taken by the corporation to increase its value.

Let us see some popular finance differences list!

  1. Audit vs Review
  2. Investing vs Trading
  3. Open-ended mutual funds vs closed-end mutual funds
  4. Overlapping social differences vs Cross Cutting social differences

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