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Animal Differences List

Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms. They form the biological kingdom Animalia, i.e. all members of the Kingdom Animalia are animals. The word animal is derived from the Latin word animalis which means having breath or soul. Zoology is the branch of science that studies animals and the scientists who study animal life are called zoologists.

There are thousands of different types of animals in the Animal Kingdom. The animals are divided into vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are further divided into different classes like mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles. Similarly, invertebrates are further divided into different groups like mollusks, annelids, arthropods etc. Each species of animal has specific characteristic features that differentiate it from other species. Let us see some of the common animal differences!

A list of Animal Differences is given below:-

  1. Alligator vs Crocodile
  2. Alpaca vs Llamas
  3. Asian Elephant vs African Elephant
  4. Bison vs Buffalo
  5. Butterfly vs moth
  6. Cat vs Dog
  7. Cheetah vs Leopard
  8. Crab vs Lobster
  9. Coyote vs Fox
  10. Deer vs Antelope
  11. Dog vs Wolf
  12. Dolphin vs Shark
  13. Donkey vs Mule
  14. Duck vs Goose
  15. Frog vs Toad
  16. Goat vs Sheep
  17. Gopher vs Groundhog
  18. Hawk vs Falcon
  19. Hippopotamous vs Rhiniceros
  20. Honey Bee vs Wasp
  21. Leech vs Earthworm
  22. Lion vs Tiger
  23. Monkey vs Lemur
  24. Northern Inuit vs Husky
  25. Opossum vs Possum
  26. Panther vs Puma
  27. Penguin vs Puffin
  28. Porpoise vs Dolphin
  29. Python vs Anaconda
  30. Rabbit vs Hare
  31. Rat vs Mice
  32. Salamander vs Lizard
  33. Seal vs Sea Lion
  34. Snail vs Slug
  35. Sponge vs Coral
  36. Termite vs Carpenter Ant
  37. Turkey vs Chicken
  38. Turtle vs Tortoise
  39. Wolf vs Jackal
  40. Wolverine vs Badger

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