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Law Differences List

Law refers to a set of rules that a government or society develops to deal with crime, fraud, business agreements, social relationships etc. There are basically two types of laws:

Criminal law: It is the law enforced by the police. It covers all types of crimes from small wrongdoing to big heinous crimes, fraud and white-collar crime. The most serious crimes in the society such as murder, rape, robbery, extortion, etc., are covered by the criminal law.

Civil Law: This law refers to a set of rules that govern private rights such as property, contracts, and family law. Accordingly, it includes property law, family law, commercial law etc.

The Indian law is largely based on English common law as it is inherited from the British system. The judicial system of India basically comprises three types of courts: The Supreme Court, The High Court and the district courts. There are plenty of concepts and terms in law, let us see some of the important Law differences!

  1. Cognizable Offence vs Non Cognizable Offence
  2. Magistrate vs Judge
  3. Probation vs Parole
  4. Supreme Court vs High Court
  5. Summon vs Warrant

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