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Science Differences List

There are a plenty of definitions for science. In simple words, we can say that Science is a systematic and logical approach to discovering how things work on the Universe including the planet Earth. The word "science" is derived from the Latin word "Scientia", meaning knowledge.

The main branches of science include physical sciences, life sciences and earth sciences.

  • The physical science is further divided into three different subsets: physics, chemistry and astronomy.
  • The life science is further categorized into Botany, Zoology and Genetics.
  • The earth science is further categorized into geology, paleontology, meteorology, oceanography and ecology.

Each branch of science has plenty of concepts that differ from one another. Let us see some of the important and popular science differences!

  1. Abiotic vs Biotic
  2. Absorption vs Adsorption
  3. Active vs Passive
  4. Adhesion vs Cohesion
  5. Aerobic vs Anaerobic
  6. Allotropes vs Isomers
  7. Angiosperms vs Gymnosperms
  8. Bacterial Cell vs Animal Cell
  9. Bone vs Cartilage
  10. Cation vs Anion
  11. Complete protein vs incomplete protein
  12. Flora vs Fauna
  13. Genotype vs Phenotype
  14. Hardwood vs Softwood
  15. Heat vs Temperature
  16. Manure vs Fertilizer
  17. Metallic Minerals vs Non Metallic Minerals
  18. Mirror vs Lens
  19. Mitosis vs Meiosis
  20. Mold vs Yeast
  21. Monocots vs Dicots
  22. Organic acid vs Inorganic acid

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