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Cc vs. Bcc

In the current era, Email is one of the best and most preferred modes of communication for both small and large organizations. The term Cc (Carbon Copy) and Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) are used in the Email to securely send and receive the information via Email.

What is Cc

Cc stands for Carbon Copy. It is used in the Email to send the carbon copies of the Email to the recipients. In Cc, all recipients are able to see a list of all other recipients.

Example: If you Cc [email protected] and [email protected] on the Email, both Mark and John know that others (Mark or John) receive the same Email from the sender.

When we use Cc

There are the following specific uses for Cc -

  • Cc is used when we want to send an Email to someone without addressing them personally.
  • Cc is used for group communication.
  • It keeps all management and employees in the loop even if an Email doesn't concern them directly.
  • Cc is used when we want to receive the responses from the associated email recipients.
  • Cc is used when we want to inform other recipients about the email.

What is Bcc

Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy, which is similar to Cc. It is also used to send the carbon copies of email to the multiple recipients without seeing a list of recipients.

Example: If you Bcc [email protected] and [email protected] on email, then neither Mark nor John will know that others receive the same email from the sender.

When we use Bcc?

There are the following uses of Bcc -

  • Bcc is used when we want to send email to many recipients at the same time
  • Bcc is used when we do not want that recipient to see other recipient's email addresses.
  • Bcc is used in large businesses.
  • Bcc mainly used for sharing company newsletters by keeping your email address private.
  • Bcc is used to protect recipient's privacy, when we want to send Emails to unknown recipients.
  • Bcc is used for sending impersonal emails that do not warrant responses.

Difference between Cc and Bcc

Both Cc and Bcc fields are used to send a carbon copy of emails to multiple recipients. Cc and Bcc appear next to the "To" field: when you send an email. Cc and Bcc are included in the email to send the same email to more recipients at the same time.

The below table shows the difference between Cc and Bcc -

Carbon Copy (CC) Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)
In Cc, all recipients see the other recipients who receive the email. In Bcc, all recipients do not see the other recipients of the email.
Individuals recipients will receive all additional responses to the email. Recipients do not receive additional emails unless you select them to forward the email.
It allows a recipient to know whom a copy of an email has been sent. It prevents the recipient from knowing that whom a copy of an email has been sent.
It is used to keep recipients in the loop. It is used to securely send Email to the recipients.

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