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CouchDB Delete Document

CouchDB Delete Document using Fauxton

Open the Fauxton url:

First select the database which contains all your documents. Here is all three documents in database "employees":

Delete Document 1

Select the specific document which you want to delete and click on the delete icon encircled in red.

Delete Document 2

You will see a pop-up message that "Are you sure you want to delete this doc?" Click ok.

Delete Document 3

Now the selected document is deleted. You can see here only two documents.

Delete Document 4

CouchDB Delete Document Using cURL utility

CouchDB facilitates you to delete a document by sending an HTTP request to the server using DELETE method through cURL utility.


Note: -X is used to specify a custom request method of HTTP which is used while communicating with the HTTP server. To delete a dcoment, we have to pass the recent revision id through the url with /database_name/database_id/. "?" is used to mention attributes of any data structure.


We have a document in our database named "my_database" with id 001. To delete this document first get the rev id of the document by using the following command:

CouchDB Delete document 1

Here rev id is "2-5fef7ea4661b53c017e167809e4f2beb".

Now use the following command to delete the document having the id "001".

CouchDB Delete document 2

The response of CouchDB for this command contains 3 fields:

  • "ok": It specifies that the operation is successful.
  • "id": It stores the id of the document.
  • "rev": This indicates the revision id. Every time you revise (update,modify or delete) a document a _rev value will be generated by CouchDB. If you want to update or delete a document, CouchDB expects you to include the _rev field of the revision you want to change. When CouchDB accepts the change, it will generate a new revision number.


You can verify that your document is deleted by using the following command:

CouchDB Delete document 3

Here, you can't see the document because it is deleted.

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