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Difference between Creativity and Innovation

People are either born with talent, or they grow up and master an art. Either way, the person is able to make way for his/ her success. There have been people in history that had some abilities with which they could help others. Such people are called clairvoyant. People are born with psychic abilities, creative abilities, imaginative abilities, etc. But there are very few of them who are able to realize this. We all have these creative and innovative abilities. All we have to do is realize them and put it to use so that it is helpful for the people. Now, this creativity and innovation either come by birth or by mastering an art. For instance, a prodigy is said to be ideal and flawless in everything he/ she does. They can invent certain things, help others in understanding certain concepts, etc. Now, creativity and innovation are often misinterpreted by people. There is a fine line between these two terms. So, let us begin by understanding the definition of creativity and innovation.

Difference between Creativity and Innovation


Creativity is the process of forming something new and valuable. People can create physical things or virtual things (idea, joke, theory, etc.). People inculcate interest in certain things/ subjects like psychology, science, business studies, accounts, blogging, philosophy, etc. The effectiveness of learning and teaching is seen in creativity. In layman's language, creativity is defined as the process of forming new products. Now, let us look at the origin of the word. The word creativity has been taken from the Latin word 'creare,' meaning to create or make. This word first came into being in the 14th century in Chaucer's 'Paradise Lost.' But the word got its actual meaning in the enlightenment age.

Creativity is required at every stage/ phase of life. It is helpful in solving problems, in communication, in writing, blogging, etc. Well, creativity is an essential part of one's life as it helps in create new things and develop existing and new skills. For instance, engaging in a creative activity helps in improving our problem-solving skills, imagination power, etc. Creativity helps us in devising new ways to solve problems or generate something. Creativity enables many functions like empathy, non-linear thinking, etc.


Innovation is the process of executing ideas regarding goods and services. Innovation involves improvement in the goods and services provided. New processes, techniques, and ideas are applied to the existing goods and services so that they can be regenerated and renewed. Different people have different definitions of innovation, but it is interesting to note that there are four significant kinds of innovation. They are incremental innovation, architectural innovation, disruptive innovation, and radical innovation. There are other types of innovation as well, but these four are significant. Innovation is also an essential part of our life as it helps us in building new ideas and technologies that help us in increasing productivity and generate higher output as well. Now, there are certain contrasting points between creativity and innovation. So, let us have a look at them.

1. Creativity is the process of creating new products. On the other hand, innovation is the process of implementing ideas and technologies so that the goods and services are renewed.
2. Creativity can be tangible or intangible. Innovation is majorly intangible.
3. The word create/ creativity was first used in the 14th century. The word innovation came into being in the 16th century.
4. In creativity, new products are formed. In innovation, new ideas and technologies regarding goods and services are formed.
5. Creativity is an imaginative process. Innovation is a productive process.
6. Creativity is related to brainstorming and thinking about new ideas. Innovation is related to introducing new ideas and technologies to carry out production smoothly and efficiently.
7. There is no money consumption in creativity. There is money consumption in innovation.
8. The risk factor is negligible in creativity. The risk factor is quite apparent in innovation.
9. Creativity is about formation. Innovation is all about bringing change.
10. Creativity is immeasurable and cannot be quantified. Innovation is measurable and quantifiable.
11. Creativity precedes innovation. Creativity is succeeded by innovation.
12. Creativity may or may not involve an organization. Innovation involves an organization for the production of services and goods.
13. Creativity does not depend on materialistic things. Innovation depends upon the monetary factor, i.e., how to implement the ideas into profit-earning.
14. The novel ideas are communicated through creativity. Inventions are communicated through innovation.

So, these are some of the significant contrasting points between creativity and innovation. Both innovation and creativity have some significant and distinguishing types. So, let us take a look at them.

Types of Creativity

  1. Deliberate and Cognitive Creativity: People who have this kind of creativity are considered to be purposeful. Such people are knowledgeable, and they use their skills to perform a particular course of action. People having this kind of creativity are good at research-work, problem-solving, and investigation.
  2. Deliberate and Emotional Creativity: As the name suggests, people under this category are emotional and are driven by their emotions. The creativity of such people is balanced.
  3. Spontaneous and Cognitive Creativity: People under this category do not over-think. Such people instantly look for solutions. People are spontaneous in their theories and solutions.
  4. Spontaneous and Emotional Creativity: People under this kind of creativity are spontaneous and are driven by their emotions. This kind of creativity is required for scientific breakthroughs, spiritual discoveries, and philosophical ideas.

Types of Innovation

  1. Incremental Innovation: It is a common type of innovation. In this, the existing technology is increased and utilized to have a greater output.
  2. Disruptive Innovation: The other name of disruptive innovation is stealth innovation. In this, the new technologies are applied in the company to have a position in the market.
  3. Architectural Innovation: In this type of innovation, the skills and technologies are updated and applied in different markets. It is done in order to increase customers and satisfy the existing ones.
  4. Radical Innovation: Radical innovation is defined as the way of thinking during the process of innovation. New industries are formed with the help of this innovation.

So, these are some of the types of creativity and innovation. Both creativity and innovation are necessary in an individual's life. They help in better communicating, generating new ideas, technologies, businesses, etc. Thus, creativity and innovation help in professional and personal development.

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