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Difference Between Internet and Www

In the era of digitization, terms "Internet" and "www" are extremely common. It is okay to use the phrases "web" and "Internet" interchangeably because we frequently use them in the same context.

But in reality the two terms are a little different from one another despite being interconnected. Every industry has undergone a technological revolution, and this has changed the course of the world's destiny. This encompasses the internet and even the world wide web, both of which have benefited many individuals worldwide.

Internet language may be confusing, despite the fact that we use it frequently. There are several terminologies that you might not completely comprehend, as well as those words we use that appear to be synonyms but aren't.

Difference Between Internet and Www

The primary distinction between internet and www (World Wide Web) is that internet refers to the technology, whereas www refers to the software.

A huge network of networks makes up the internet. The gadgets are connected via a large computer network that can use fiber optic cables, wireless networks, or copper wires. The World Wide Web (www), on the other hand, is a sizable collection of webpages. Using hyperlinks, these pages are connected to one another. In a nutshell, Internet offers the World Wide Web as a service.


The worldwide system known as the Internet links computer networks all over the world. It links the gadgets together utilizing fiber optic cables, wireless networks, or copper wires.

TCP/IP protocol is used for data transmission. This network is made up of a variety of hardware, including PCs, routers, hubs, switches, repeaters, and more. An individual IP address is used to identify every internet-connected device.

Through the internet, individuals may instantaneously exchange resources and information. Since the internet is a public network, anybody may use it. It integrates corporate, academic, governmental, and non-governmental networks in a vast network of networks.

Difference Between Internet and Www

Local networks allowed organizations like governments and academic institutions to communicate with one another before the internet was invented. However, there was no modern-day worldwide network. There was a lot of early research and development on the technologies which would power the internet in the 1960s and 1970s.

The US government invested a significant number of resources-including money, effort, and research-into creating the modern internet in the 1980s, which quickly sparked its expansion globally. Internet usage increased in popularity mostly in late 1990s and the early 2000s as a result of commercialization. It changed from being a tool only utilized in formal contexts, like classrooms, to becoming a widely available option for everyone.

On a scale that had never been feasible before, communication, business, research, and other activities are now possible.

World Wide Web (www)

A program that utilizes the internet is called the World Wide Web (WWW). It alludes to the extensive network of linked online pages. Hyperlinks are used to connect these sites. As a result, the user may navigate effortlessly between pages to find the information they need. A website is a collection of connected web pages. Accessing webpages or websites on the World Wide Web requires a web browser and the HTTP protocol.

The HTTP protocol is a collection of guidelines for transporting data on the World Wide Web, including text, photos, audio, video, and other multimedia assets. The World Wide Web has a wide range of webpage and website categories. Academic, e-commerce, and social networking are a few such categories.

Difference Between Internet and Www

The internet is not the same as the World Wide Web, as was previously explained. The World Wide Web, or simply "the web," is an information organization structure that is accessible via the internet. The web was created in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and made accessible to the general public in 1991. His concept was free and available to everyone since he never sought to patent it. Because of its interconnectedness and ease of access to numerous information from any location, it is known as a "web." Think about how you may navigate by clicking through different MUO articles without having to key in any specific addresses to your browser. The World Wide Web is a large aspect of almost everything we do via a web browser. On the web, the most common form of communication is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

Basically, web pages reflect the documented representation and relate to the electronic pages that appear on the internet. A website is made up of a number of web pages, and a webpage is written using HyperText Markup Language. Information is shown on the web pages in accordance with user input.

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other web surfing programs are some of the ones used to access the internet. Consequently, it is also known as a distributed information system. Links bind all of the information on the internet together. Every website on the internet displays the address that best describes its location. This implies that each page has a URL, or uniform resource locator, that is connected with it.

Key Differences Between the Internet and WWW

Difference Between Internet and Www
  • The terms "internet" and "web," which are two distinct concepts, should not be used interchangeably. Millions of computers are known to be linked together globally over the internet, creating a physical infrastructure. On the other hand, www is a program that provides a database of data that users may access over the internet.
  • Since the entire internet is made up of several networks, and for them to function as a whole, they must adhere to a set of rules referred to as protocol. As a result, internet protocol determines how the internet permits information to flow through the network. The many pages on www must abide by its own set of regulations because it is recognized to be a component of the internet. Therefore, in the case of the World Wide Web, data transfer happens via the HyperText Transfer Protocol.
  • The internet is recognized as being hardware-based since it is physically connected to a number of different devices. As a result, it has an infrastructure. The World Wide Web (WWW) is an internet service that offers text, music, video, images, and other types of information.
  • While the www is in charge of electronically connecting various bits of data, the internet is in charge of connecting devices.
  • The decentralized design of the internet allows for independent operation of any individual device while also allowing for protocol-based communication between all of them. Pages on the internet include information that is relatively centralized and accessible at anytime from anywhere in the globe with a working internet connection.
  • The TCP/IP protocol, upon which the whole functioning of internet is built, was first proposed by Cerf and Kahn in 1980, although the internet didn't become widely used until 1983. This is despite the fact that it was first discovered in the year 1969. Tim Berners-Lee suggested the www, or web service, of the internet in 1989.
Difference Between Internet and Www
  • An IP address is used for identification on the internet, but a URL, or uniform resource locator, is used for the same reason on www.
  • The internet doesn't exhibit web dependence because it mostly depends on the linked devices that make up the network. While www depends only on it as an internet service.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Internet World Wide Web
Founded It was established in the later 1960s. It was established in 1989.
Meaning It is a massive global network made up of millions of small subnetworks. It is a system of information where data is kept for public access.
Nature There is a whole infrastructure there. It is a specific service contained within an infrastructure.
Type It emphasizes hardware. The emphasis is on software.
Dependency It is independent of the world wide web. Here, the internet is a need.
Use It may be used for a variety of things, including banking, entertainment, research, education, and navigation. It is employed to gain access to resources all across the world.

Is It Possible to Use the Web Without Internet?

The opposite isn't true; it's actually impossible to access the internet without one. You must connect to a web resource (such as a website) on another server through the internet in order to access it. Otherwise, there is no connection between your device and the other device's network.

However, you may still access web resources on your local network by using a web browser. Your business, for instance, may have a network-required internal website that must be linked to in order to view (called the "intranet").

Difference Between Internet and Www

Although you may access and read this information using your web browser, you aren't technically connected to the internet because the server is part of your local network. It wouldn't function if you tried to view those pages from another city. As a result, even if you are accessing local resources off the internet, you are still able to take advantage of the World Wide Web's well-known organizational structure.


Since the term World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet are used synonymously, it is simple to overlook their key distinctions. Simply described, the World Wide Web (WWW) is essentially a central hub for connecting computers throughout the world to share information. On the contrary hand, the internet connects computers with innumerable other devices to create a vast network of interconnected systems.

Difference Between Internet and Www

There is a clear distinction between the Internet and the World Wide Web, despite the fact that many people mistake them for being the same thing. World Wide Web is software, whereas Internet is hardware.

In a nutshell, the World Wide Web is an internet-based program. As a result of this debate, it is clear the web is accessible over the internet and pages are displayed on the device's screen within a zone of global coverage. Therefore, we might conclude that whereas the web links individuals, the internet connects gadgets.

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