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Difference Between Neo4j and MS SQL Server


Difference Between Neo4j and MS SQL Server

It is the most popular graph database management system. Unlike MySQL server, which uses SQL commands to perform operations, it is a NoSQL database management system developed and maintained by Neo4j Inc. It is different from MongoDB and other NoSQL database management systems as it provides additional features that make it more suitable to handle graph databases when compared to other database management systems.

In Neo4j, the data I stored and represented in graphs, while in most database management systems, the data is either stored in tabular or Jason format. Nodes represent the data. The nodes are associated with each other based on various relations. It makes the entire database collection appear like a graph. It is what makes Neo4j unique from other management tools.

Features of Neo4j

Some of the features provided by Neo4j DBMS are as follows:

  • Unlike many DBMSs that use Structured Query language to perform various operations on the database, Neo4j uses CQL. It is easy to learn and implement CQL.
  • It uses Property Graph Data Model.
  • The user can implement indexes on the database by using Apache Lucence.
  • The user can also use the UNIQUE constraint on a data field in the database.
  • It also provides support for ACID properties. The ACID properties comprise Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.
  • It also provides a user interface that is Neo4j Data Browsers to implement CQL commands on the database.
  • It uses a unique storage and engine for database management. It uses Native graph storage with Native Graph Processing Engine.
  • The user can export the query data into different formats. It includes JSON and XLS formats.
  • It also enables users to access the REST API in different programming languages. The user can use Java and Scala to access the APIs.
  • It also enables users to access Javascript using frameworks such as Node JS.
  • It also provides support to two kinds of Java API. It allows users to develop Java applications using Cypher API and Native Java API.

Advantages of Neo4j

Some of the advantages of using Neo4j for database management are as follows:

  • Since the data is presented in graphs, it is simpler to represent connected data in Neo4j.
  • It is easy and more efficient to retrieve, transverse, or navigate through connected data in Neo4j.
  • It can easily represent semi-structured data in the form of graphs.
  • To implement the query in Neo4j, the user needs to use CQL. It is easy to learn and can be easily understood by humans.
  • It uses a simple and efficient data model.
  • It does NOT require complex Joins to retrieve connected/related data as retrieving its adjacent node or relationship details without Joins or Indexes is very easy.

Disadvantages of Neo4j

Some of the disadvantages of using Neo4j are as follows:

  • AS of Neo4j 2.1.3 latest version, there is a limit to the maximum number of nodes, relations, and their properties in the database.
  • The user cannot perform sharding in Neo4j.

MS SQL Server

Difference Between Neo4j and MS SQL Server

It is a database management system that allows the user to create and manage relational databases. Microsoft Corporation developed it and was first launched on April 24, 1989. the entire application is developed in C and C++ language. It can be implemented in different operating systems. It allows users to use both GUI and command-based applications. It allows users to perform different transactions. The user can perform analytical functions on the database for business intelligence.

Difference between Neo4j and MS SQL Server

Some of the differences between Neo4j and MS SQL Server are as follows:

Neo4j MS SQL Server
The application is developed and managed by Neo4j Inc. It is developed and managed by Microsoft Corp.
It was launched in 2007. It was launched in 1989.
Most of the application code is written in Java and Scala programming languages. The application is developed using C and C++ languages.
Users can run the Neo4j server on Linux, OS X, Solaris, and Windows. MS SQL Server is available for Linux and Windows operating systems.
It is an open-source application. The user requires to purchase the license.
It does not provide support for SQL queries. The user can implement queries in SQL.
The data is stored in a Graph database model. The data is stored in a relational database model.
APIs and access methods supported by the Neo4j server are Java API, Neo4j-OGM, RESTful HTTP, API, Spring Data Neo4j, and TinkerPop 3. MS SQL Server supports ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB, and TDS.
The user cannot perform partitioning in Neo4j. In MySQL Server, users can create partitions by distributing the data across different files. The user can create horizontal partitions. The user can use Federation to do sharding.

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