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Difference between Sharara and Gharara

Trends in fashion change with time and include several terms which can be confusing. Fashion has no criteria, no boundation, no limits with the tremendous style of dresses, it includes western, Indian, ethnic etc. Dresses are defined with names according to their style, but a combination of dresses is popular in new trends.

We have various dresses for different occasions like lehenga, sharara, gharara, suit, and saree for weddings, gowns, short dresses and others as party dresses and many more. Today we will learn about two kinds of dresses, i.e. Sharara and Gharara, which have taken the ethnic fashion world by storm. Let's differentiate them.

What is Sharara?

Sharara is a Lebanese-origin dress popular as a Pakistani outfit but loved in South East Asia as an ethnic dress. Sharara roots are traced in the Hamdan Tribe in Yemen and came to India with the arrival of Mughals in the 16th century and considered as Mughals royal dress. It is a loose flared outfit consisting of a pair of wide-legged pants that are continuous (no stitches at knees) and flows freely. These wide pants look like lehenga as they have a massive ghera at the end, and these are paired up with a kurta and dupatta (heavy or lightweight, depending on the stylist).

Sharara pants can be circular, panelled, or A-line paired with long & short kurtis and even with anarkalis with the addition of a dupatta. Sharara pants are fully flared from the waistline.

Difference between Sharara and Gharara

What is Gharara?

Gharara is an Indian traditional dress that originated in Lucknow and is popular as Lucknowi's traditional nawabi outfit as the Nawabs of Awadh introduced it. Gharara is also a fully flared pant at the bottom but filled from waistline to knee line. A thick band is created at the top of the knee with beautiful lace, where fabric is gathered to create a flare to the toes. Gharara is paired with a short kurti (short peplum kurta) and a dupatta.

Gharara has embroidered in zari, zardori, sequins, beads and stone and is made from over 12 meters of fabric. Muslim women of Hindi belts were used in everyday wearing in the early 19th and 20th centuries and were also popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan (the 1950s and 60s).

Difference between Sharara and Gharara

Gharara and Sharara are available in various designs and have some similarities.

  • Popular in Pakistan, India and South Asia.
  • Common in Hindu and Muslim cultures.
  • Have traces in the Mughal era in the 16th
  • They are designed with different fabrics and decorated with zari, sequins, beadwork, stones, Zardari etc.
  • Worn on special occasions and mainly at the wedding but lightweight and simple dresses can be worn on daily bases and for small gatherings or family get-togethers.
  • It can be paired with heavy earrings, chandbalis or small neckpieces.
  • It was fashionable in the 1960's and 70's but is now recreated with a new style.

The main difference between Sharara and Gharara

Difference between Sharara and Gharara
Sharara Gharara
It is of Lebanese origin, Pakistan Origin from the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh, India, by Awadh nawabs
Sharara is a loosed flared fit (from the waist) Pakistani outfit in which pants are free-flowing and continuous to the feet. These are paired up with short kurtis and dupatta Gharara is termed Lucknowi outfit opted by Indian, Hindu and Pakistani women. It has wide-legged pants lurched at the knees paired with short kurti and dupatta
Lack of gota Presence of gota at the joint at the knee from where the flaring begins
Paired with short and long kurtis Paired with short kurti and even with peplum kurtas


Fashion repeats itself with time but in a new format because it never gets old. Dresses add essence to all occasions, including weddings, puja, and festivals, or you are going casually out with your family and friends, the Sharara and gharara are perfect options for you.

With them, you will look chic, fashionable, adorable and traditional. The colour and design of Sharara and Gharara are optional according to the occasion, and it is a full comfort outfits. But both outfits could be clearer as Gharara is a glamorous cousin of Sharara but a little bit different from each other. We have discussed their difference and proper use of them. Today, almost every woman has these Sharara and Gharara in their wardrobe.

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