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Difference Between DTE and DCE

What is DTE?

DTE is an abbreviation of 'Data Terminal Equipment' or 'Data Terminating Equipment'.

It is equipment that works either as the source or the destination for binary digital communication.

As there is no direct technique is used for communication, so intermediary devices are used for communications.

This equipment resides at the physical layer generating or consuming binary digital data. At the physical layer, this technique can be a computer, routers, printer, terminal, or any other device.

In most situations, this device uses serial transmission for transmitting the data. The transmitting of data is done by the serial port in the device.

What is DCE?

DCE is an abbreviation of Data Circuit Terminal Equipment.

This equipment is also known as 'Data Communication Equipment' and 'Data Terminal Equipment'.

It is equipment that operates tasks at the physical layer. It accepts the data produced by DTE and converts them to suitable signals within a network. After converting the signals, it introduces the signals onto the telecommunication link.

DCE device is either a modem or switch, which is located between the data transmission circuit and the data terminal equipment for converting the signals.

It is the best option for those large systems which require fault tolerance and robust security.

Differences between DCE and DTE

1. DTE is an abbreviation of 'Data Terminal Equipment' or 'Data Terminating Equipment' 1. DCE is an abbreviation of 'Data Circuit Terminal Equipment' or 'Data Communication Equipment'.
2. It is a device that either works as a source and destination. 2. It is a device that is used for transmitting digital data.
3. This equipment connects through the DCE (Data Communication Equipment) network. 3. This equipment acts as an intermediary between the two networks of DTE.
4. Its devices produce the data and transfer the data to DCE. 4. Its devices convert the signals to the transmission medium and introduce it onto the telecommunication or network line.
5. Computers, printers, FAX, and routers are some examples of DTE devices. 5. Modem, satellites, and ISDN adaptors are some examples of DCE devices.

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