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F# functions

F# is a functional programming language. It contains rich set of built-in functions. It allows us to create user-defined functions also.

You can define function by using let keyword, and recursive function by using let rec keyword combination.

let: It is a keyword which is used to define function.

Inline: It is optional and used to create inline function.

function-name: Function-name is a valid function name that represents the function.

parameter-list: Parameter-list represents list of parameter in the function.

return-type: You can use return-type to tell about the return type of function. It is optional.

function-body: It is a block of statements.

F# Function with No Explicit Return Type Example


Hello F# Programming

F# Function with Explicit Return Type Example



F# Recursive Function Example

When a function call itself is called a recursive function. Recursive function helps to optimize code. It must have a base case to terminate recursive call safely.

Following recursive function is used to print nth Fibonacci number.



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