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What is F#

F# is pronounced as F Sharp. It is a functional programming language that supports approaches like object oriented and imperative programming approach. It is a cross-platform and .Net Framework language. The filename extension for F# source file is .fs.

It was designed and developed by Microsoft. It was first appeared in 2005. Current stable version of F# is which was released on November 13, 2016.

It is influenced by Python, Haskell and Scala. It influenced to C#, F∗ etc.

A Simple F# Program Example

Let's see a simple F# program. The detailed description of this program is given in next chapter.

Usage of F#

F# has a rich set of library and supports multi-paradigm which helps to deal with every domain whether it is desktop based application, web based application or mobile based application.

You can use F# in following domains:

  • Data analysis
  • Scientific research
  • Data statistical
  • Design games
  • Artificial Application
  • Desktop application, and
  • Mobile application etc.
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