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F# XML Documentation

In F#, you can produce documentation from triple-slash (///) code comments. XML comments can precede declarations in code files (.fs) or signature (.fsi) files.>

There are two ways to write xml documentation comment.

One is to just write code in triple slash comment, and Second way is to use xml tags.

F# XML documentation Tags Table

Tag syntax Description
<c>text</c> It specifies that text is code. This tag can be used by documentation generators to display text in a font that is appropriate for code.
<summary>text</summary> It specifies that text is a brief description of the program element. The description is usually one or two sentences.
<remarks>text</remarks> It specifies that text contains supplementary information about the program element.
<param name="name">description</param> It specifies the name and description for a function or method parameter
<typeparam name="name">description ***</typeparam>* It specifies the name and description for a type parameter.
<returns>text</returns> It specifies that text describes the return value of a function or method.
<exception cref="type">description</exception> It specifies the type of exception that can be generated and the circumstances under which it is thrown.
<see cref="reference">text</see> It specifies an inline link to another program element. The reference is the name as it appears in the XML documentation file. The text is the text shown in the link.
<seealso cref="reference"/> It specifies a See Also link to the documentation for another type. The reference is the name as it appears in the XML documentation file. See Also links usually appear at the bottom of a documentation page.
<para>text</para> It specifies a paragraph of text. This is used to separate text inside the remarks tag.

F# XML Documentation Example

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