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F# Pattern Matching

F# provides pattern matching to match data logically. It is similar to nested if else and switch cases used in C, C++ programming languages. We can apply pattern matching on caonstant values, objects, lists, records, etc.

F# Pattern Matching on Constant Values Example

You can use constant values in pattern matching like given following example.


You entered 2

F# Pattern Matching using Object Example

You can use objects in pattern to search best match of your input.


You entered integer value

F# Conditional Pattern Matching Example

Following program shows how to use condinal pattern matching.


X is greater than y

F# Pattern Matching in list

In F#, you can apply pattern matching in list. Let's see an example.



F# Pattern Matching in Tuples

You can use pattern matching in tuples also. Let's see an example.


First value is 0 in (0, 1)

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