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It does not matter whether you like Google or not, but you have to agree one thing that Google provides you many free tools that you can use conveniently with login only.

Google Tools for Marketers

The marketers are one of the main personnel responsible for the development of organizations or businesses. Each day billions of search queries are submitted to Google. This offers enormous opportunities for advertisers in order to engage with their crowds without any problem.

The following are the free Google tools for marketers that can be helpful for them and their organization or businesses:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Google Ads Keyword Planner
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Search Console
  6. Google Trends
  7. Google MY Business
  8. Google Marketing Platform
  9. Digital Marketing Tools
  10. Google for Startups
  11. Google Business Solutions
  12. G Suite Marketplace
  13. Google Input Tools
  14. Google Charts
  15. Google for Nonprofits
  16. DoubleClick Search by Google

1. Google AdSense

For marketers, Google AdSense is the ideal tool through which marketers earn money from ads placed on websites or blogs. With the help of the AdSense, we can connect with other markets that need to have promotions on a channel that claims to their crowds.

Thus, we handle blog or websites which coordinates the crowds of advertisers, at that point AdSense will put their advertisement on our channel. We only have to put some code in the header or sidebar of our website, and then we are able to earn money whenever somebody clicks on them.

Google Tools

Features of the Google AdSense

There are various features of Google AdSense:

  • With Google AdSense, we can block the advertisements which we do not like, and we can customize where the advertisements will look.
  • The high-quality ads are offered by Google AdSense that are related to our content or audience.
  • Ad unit has a user-friendly design that allows us to view our site from the smartphone or tablet and gives a good user interface.

2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the powerful tools for marketers. This tool is free, and by using this tool, we are able to run paid search campaigns. It is a pay-per-click advertising platform. It is not like other PPC platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords provides promoters two basic methods to reach individuals, which are via the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

Google Tools

Features of Google AdWords

There are various features of Google AdWords:

  • By using Google AdWords, we can reach the right people at the correct times.
  • With the help of Google AdWords, we can attract number of persons with YouTube video advertisements, graphic display advertisements, and some other kinds of Google advertisements.
  • In different geographic areas, we can target our ads to our potential customers.

3. Google Ads Keyword Planner

One of the parts of Google AdWords is keyword planner; by using this tool, marketers are able to plan their paid search campaigns. It is the best tool, and it helps us to identify keywords in order to target the related audience for our website or blog.

Google Tools

Features of the Google Ads Keywords Planner

There are various features of the Google Ads Keywords Planner:

  • With the help of this tool, we can find the related keywords by showing their search volumes.
  • We can compare the keywords, and based on that, we can set the budget for our PPC campaigns.

4. Google Analytics

One of the most effective and powerful tools is Google Analytics. By using this tool, marketers can easily monitor their website's traffic. With this tool, we can also track people who visit our site, what search queries they used, and how much time they spend on our site. And after that, we can use this data to further optimize our site and offer a better user experience, and with the help of this, we can also increase our website traffic.


Google Tools

Features of Google Analytics

There are various features of Google Analytics:

  • By using this, we can know our customers well and deliver them the best user experience.
  • Google Analytics helps us work natively with other Google platforms that saves our time and increases our proficiency.

5. Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console, SEO professionals, marketers, and webmasters can understand how Google sees our web pages. It will offer us detailed crawl reports and the information of indexing related to our pages directly from Google index.

Google Tools

Features of Google Search Console

There are various features of Google Search Console:

  • Using Google Search Console, we can analyze our website's performance and make improvements that might be needed.
  • Google Search Console crawls the data to ensure that Google has the most advanced view of the site.
  • We can also integrate it with our Google Analytics account so that we can optimize the content of our website and the search performance of the website.
  • This free Google tool for marketers can support you in recognizing any problems with our site so that we can fix them and improve our website ranking.

6. Google Trends

Another popular tool for marketers is Google Trends. By using Google Trends, we can see the search volumes of keywords, so as to make better keyword selections. Google Trends also support us in exploring up-to-date news, searches, stories, insights, etc.

Google Tools

Features of Google Trends

There are various features of Google Trends:

  • Google Trends enable us to understand how search trends vary over time and against each other in different region.
  • This helps us to run comparisons to check variations between a different search keyword.
  • It also allows us to check how keyword's search volumes fluctuate over time.

7. Google My Business

Google My Business gives our business a chance to show up in "Near me" search results and Google Maps. Claim our business listings on Google My Business so that our business can get highlighted in search results.

Google Tools

Features of Google My Business

There are various features of Google My Business:

  • This supports us to preserve correct information about our company so that individual can understand more about us.
  • We can show our opening hours, phone number, and directions on Google Maps and Google searches.
  • We can also attract more new clients with our free business profile on Google.

8. Google Marketing Platform

Another popular tool for marketer is Google Marketing Platform. It is a combined marketing and analytics platform that makes marketing smarter and faster. In addition to that, it also provides enterprise-level solutions for those businesses which need somewhat more muscle in advertising.

Google Tools

Features of Google Marketing Platform

There are various features of the Google Marketing Platform:

  • Google Marketing Platform is a user-friendly tool with powerful insights that can help us examine data in less time.
  • Google Marketing platform allows us to access free and self-service solutions so that we can raise our business at no extra cost.

9. Digital Marketing Tools from Google

With the help of the digital marketing tools, we can improve our brand's marketing, digital experience, analysis, etc.

The tools contained in the digital marketing tools are Google Trends, Display Benchmark, Market Finder, Consumer Barometer, Google Surveys, and Speed Scorecard. We are able to access these free Google tools to progress our business.

Google Tools

Features of Digital Marketing Tools

There are various features of digital marketing tools:

  • By using this tool, we can test our website efficiently and also improve it.
  • With the help of this tool, we can also create our international marketing strategy, create surveys to gather information related to the client behaviors, and achieve benchmarks for our advertising campaigns.

10. Google for Startups

Another tool for marketers is Google for Startups, which supports startups in every corner of the world. It takes Google's top products, practices and connections to allow startups to create something boundless.

Google Tools

Features of Google for Startups

There are various features of Google for Startups:

  • By using this tool, we can make our startup along with the infrastructure and tools used by Google.
  • This tool provides us free mentoring and training via the newest technology.
  • With the help of this tool, marketers can promote their product easily and reach a maximum number of viewers.

11. Google Business Solutions

This tool offers a comprehensive tool so that we can grow and scale our business. In other words, it is a set of services that are explicitly directed at businesses and webmasters.

Google Tools

Features of Google Business Solution

There are various features of the google business solution:

  • With the help of this tool, we can earn money by placing ads on our site.
  • By using this tool, we can improve the user experience and loading speed of our website.
  • With the help of this tool, we can easily measure and understand how our site, apps, and ads are performing.

12. G Suite Marketplace

Using G Suite Marketplace tool, marketers and domain administrations can find third-party apps integrated with the G Suite. We can also use it in order to install a number of applications that can add extra functionality and features to our native Google Cloud Apps.

Google Tools

Features of G Suite Marketplace

There are various features of G Suite Marketplace:

  • With the help of the G Suite Marketplace, we can evaluate the security of the application with features such as emphasized password protection policies, personalized security reports, etc.
  • G suite Marketplace integrates with CRM software to receive the email of the customer directly in our Gmail account.

13. Google Input Tools

This tool is a chrome extension that permits us to create virtual keyboard layouts in different languages. In this tool, we are able to work in other languages from anywhere around the world. This tool is also available in the offline programs for Windows, like an input editor that permits users to enter text in any of the supported languages with the help of the Latin (English/QWERTY) keyboard. Users can type the word in the way the word sounds by using Latin characters, and then the Google Input tool will translate the word to its native script for Windows. The Google Input Tools contain on-screen keywords, IME, and Transliteration.

Google Tools

Features of the Google Input Tools

There are various features of the Google Input Tools:

  • Google Input Tool remember our corrections and keep a dictionary for new and not so used names or words.
  • In Google Input Tools, we can write our message in any style and any language which we want.
  • Google Input Tools are available on Google Services, Android devices, Windows, and Chrome.
  • This tool makes our typing comfortable with over 80 languages and several input methods.

14. Google Charts

Using Google Charts, enterprises and marketers can visualize data on their site through attractive charts and tools. Google charts is a great tool that is broadly used with JavaScript embedded web pages. Google Charts tools are easy to use, free, and powerful tools. It is a collaborative web service that makes graphical charts from user-supplied data.

Google Tools

Features of Google Charts

There are various features of Google Charts:

  • With the help of Google Charts, we can make simple lines, pie charts, and make complex hierarchical maps with ease and correctness.
  • Google Charts permits us to tweak and modify the chart based on our data and effectively combine the chart into an interactive dashboard.

15. Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits supports fulfill our non-profit missions. We can connect with more supporters for our mission and quickly raise money for nonprofits through Google. Various applications are available to help us with accomplishing our mission proficiently.

Google Tools

Features of Google for Nonprofits

  • Google Ad Grants can support us attract more donors, recruit volunteers online, and raise awareness for our organization.
  • G Suite handles and makes our organization more efficient, productive, and collaborative.
  • With the help of the YouTube nonprofit program, we can connect with our supporters and reach global audiences.
  • And we can also share and track the impact our organization has on people.

16. DoubleClick Search by Google

DoubleClick is another Google tool for marketers. By using this tool, advertisers can create and measure their ads to target the right places on the web. Its Search tool's goal is to "close the circle" on their marketing endeavors among search and display, with the goal that both promoting channels are complementing one another. The tool supports us in comprehending which keyword to target given by our audience and how this present market's search behavior is changing progressively.

Google Tools for Developers

There are various Google Tools for developers:

  1. Search Think with Google
  2. Test MY Site
  3. Google Page Speed Tools
  4. Android Developers
  5. Structured Data Testing Tool
  6. Firebase

1. Search Think with Google

It is a free Google tool that developers can utilize to gain essential consumer insights and stay on top of trends. The most recent information and bits of knowledge about your crowd or industry can help you stay educated and enlivened and urge you to develop applications that your crowd will cherish.

Google Tools

Features of Search Think with Google

There are various features of Search Think with Google:

  • By using Search Think with Google, developers can examine market trends and learn the efficient methods in order to improve user experience. By implementing them, we can earn more users and helpful reviews for our app.
  • We can also learn about the top-performing apps in emerging technology and industries. Analyzing our consumer's preferences and competitor's applications can help us to develop effective apps.

2. Test My Site

Test My Site is another tool for developers. Most people search for local information on their mobile phones, that is why it is essential to design and develop a mobile-friendly site.

When our mobile site does not load quickly and appropriately, then in this case, we may lose half of our visitors. This tool is an excellent tool for developers because it supports us to recognize the loading time of our site on mobile-device.

Google Tools

Features of Test My Site

There are various features of Test My Site:

  • This tool offers you a quick list of the top fixes you should leverage, like AMP, cache, or image optimization.
  • Test My Site free tool discloses the approximate number of visitors we are losing because of slow loading times. It provides a free report on how we may speed up our website to keep more visitors.

3. Google PageSpeed Tools

Google PageSpeed Tools comes up with many tools and information that help us to improve and examine our site. For developers, this tool allows to develop high- performance sites.

Google Tools

Features of Google PageSpeed Tools

There are various features of Google PageSpeed Tools:

  • With the help of this tool, we can get our PageSpeed score as well as learn how to speed up our website.
  • Google PageSpeed tools support us to understand the best practices in order to improve our website for a better browsing experience.
  • We can leverage Google's infrastructure in order to speed up our website and improve security.

4. Android Developers

This tool is developed by Google, and it is the world's most famous operating system, which powers billions of devices. The Android developer's Google tool is a feature-packed resource kit for every developer, ranging from experienced people to newcomers.

Google Tools

Features of Android Developers

There are various features of Android developers:

  • With the help of this tool, developers can learn about app development, build layouts that adapt to several screens, and save data in the local databases.
  • By using this tool, we can test the behavior and usability of our app before releasing it.

5. Structured Data Testing Tool

With the help of the Structured data testing tool, developers can quickly build, test, as well as release their structure data. With Google's structured data testing tool for developers, we can make new structured data pages as well as fix existing pages.

Google Tools

Features of Structured Data Testing Tool

There are various features of structured data testing tool:

  • With structured data testing tool, we can validate our code and view a sample search result display on the basis of our data if our code is valid.
  • Using this tool, we can index our web pages on Google and find out the errors with Rich result status reports.
  • With this tool, we can ensure that Google can access our all-web pages. They must not block by noindex, login requirements, or robots.

6. Firebase

Firebase is another popular Google tool for developers. It is a comprehensive mobile development platform that supports developer's success. Built on Google's infrastructure, it helps us to overcome all app development and development difficulties and rapidly builds great-quality applications.

Google Tools

Features of Firebase

There are various features of Firebase:

  • Firebase offers features such as crash reporting, messaging, and analytics databases so that we can focus on improving user experience.
  • With the help of the Firebase, we can quickly gain insight into the performance of our application and fix problems with powerful, real-time reporting.
  • It is supported by Google Cloud Storage that allows us to save and sync our application data and effectively scale our application to billions of clients.

The Top Free Google Tools for All

Here are some other free Google tools that can support us keep everything systematized in one spot.

Using these tools, we can set reminders, notifications, and alerts to keep track of our work, personal task, and event in our day-to-day life. With these tools, we can also monitor the latest trends or industry as well as examine our brand's performance.

The top free Google tools are:

  1. Google Alerts
  2. Google Drive
  3. Google Calendra
  4. Blogger
  5. G Suite for Education
  6. Gmail
  7. Google News
  8. YouTube
  9. Google AI
  10. Google Hangouts

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool. By using this tool, we can monitor the web for definite keywords. In this tool, we can make an alert about our company and niche related keywords in order to access the most recent news, brand mentions, and other related and interesting content.

Google Tools

Features of Google Alert

There are various features of Google Alert:

  • With the help of the Google Alert tool, we can track the online activities of our competitors and analyze what is working for them and what is not.
  • By using this tool, we can understand more about our field and find ideas for new content. We can make alerts for particular keywords, for example, SEO, influencer advertising, travel, or anything to keep up-to-date.
  • With this tool, we can also monitor our business reputation because it permits us to track the brand mentions. We are able to receive updates when anyone mentions our products, brand, or competitors online.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is another popular tool; by using this, we can store our files, including documents, photos, videos, recording, design, etc. The best part of Google drive is we can get our files from anywhere and anytime.

Google Tools

Features of Google Drive

There are various features of Google Drive:

  • Using this tool, we can quickly invite people to download, view, and cooperate on any of our files.
  • With the help of this tool, we can view, share, and edit our files right from our tablets as well as smartphones.
  • Google Drive provides approx. 15 GB free storage when we sign in with a Google account.

3. Google Calendar

With the help of Google Calendar, we can organize all our data in one spot. We can keep track of our reservations, important events, flight event, important days, etc. It is one of the best tools to design and make an editorial calendar for our blog posts.

Google Tools

Features of Google Calendar

There are various features of Google Calendar:

  • With Google Calendar, we can efficiently work with our team members on many calendars and plan our daily schedule.
  • Using this tool, we can handle our tasks, deadlines, and meeting schedules in one place. We can also set email notifications in order to receive notifications timely.
  • Via video conferencing, we can also schedule meetings and share attachments.

4. Blogger

Blogger is Google's own blog publishing tool, via which we can create our own blog. We can share our experience, knowledge, or the most recent news on our blog. This tool also permits us to monetize our blog with Google AdSense.

Google Tools

Features of Blogger

There are various features of the blogger:

  • With the help of the blogger, we can securely store our blog posts and photos.
  • This tool permits us to select from many easy-to-use templates, background images, and layouts. We can design our own blog in such a way that it suits our content's type and attracts our target audience.
  • It also supports us in understanding our audience, examining where our visitors are coming from, and what topics they are interested in. We can link our blog directly to Google Analytics for a complete description.

5. G Suite for Education

It is a collection of collaborative tools that is built to help researchers, organizations, teachers, and students. With this tool, we can get the suite to streamline administrative tasks for our institution and more learning opportunities.

Google Tools

Features of G Suite for Education

There are various features of G Suite for Education:

  • G suite for education tools is cloud-based and therefore can simply scale across classrooms.
  • Using G Suite for education, we can get access to essential educational resources, for example; Tutorial and training in their teacher center.
  • We can use G suite for education Google tools offline as well as online in order to manage the course, encourage creativity, and offer quick feedback.

6. Gmail

Gmail is a free service which is offered by Google. We can simply create a Gmail account and check our emails across devices. By using this, we can sort and organize our emails into new customization table so that we can decide to view a particular kind of message initially.

Google Tools

Features of Gmail

There are various features of Gmail:

  • With the help of Gmail, we can get access to calendar, tasks, and notes right from our Gmail account.
  • In this tool, we can also create customized signatures to go with every email we send.
  • By using this tool, we can filter our emails into multiple labels and keep our inbox organized.

7. Google News

Another free tool of Google is Google News. By using this, we can discover the latest news related to business, politics, entertainment, technology, travel, sports, beauty, etc. We can take advantage of Google News to promote and publish relevant stories for our business, Product launch, or feature update.

Google Tools

Features of Google News

There are various features of Google News:

  • With the help of Google News, we can explore the up-to-date news related to our industry.
  • Google News offers us a personalized news feed recommended on the basis of our interests, location, and preferences.

8. YouTube

The most well-known video content publishing platform in the world is YouTube. With millions of daily active users, YouTube offers an immense opportunity so that we can promote our video content in order to attract and engage more people.

Google Tools

Features of YouTube

There are various features of YouTube:

  • Publishing engaging videos on YouTube can help make our brand reach more people.
  • We can earn massive followings, engagements, and high-quality backlinks for our website with treasured video content.

9. Google AI

Google AI aims to bring the advantages of artificial intelligence to all with their set of products, open-source platforms, and tools. You can utilize these free Google apparatuses, public datasets, open educational resources and APIs, to take advantage of AI.

Google Tools

Features of the Google AI

There are various features of Google AI:

  • This Google tool is a set of useful resources and tools that can support us to use the new technology to solve problems.
  • We can gain experience on how to leverage machine learning and AI via our supporting practice and open-source projects.

10. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform which permits us to collaborate with individuals through messaging, video calling, and voice. This free Google tool allows us to have one-on-one and group conversations from anyplace, whenever possible.

Google Tools

Features of Google Hangouts

There are various features of Google Hangouts:

  • With Google Hangouts, we can make group chats for up to 100 peoples.
  • With Google Hangouts, we can share photos, maps. Stickers, emojis, and GIFs so that we can improve our conversations with peoples.

And using this, we can keep in contact with our colleagues, friends, and acquaintances from laptops, Android, and iOS devices. Google Hangouts syncs or char across every device so that we can continue our discussion anywhere in the world.

Google Web Design Tools

There are various Google web design tools:

  1. Google Fonts
  2. Polymer
  3. Google Developers
  4. Dart
  5. Go Programming Language
  6. Swiffy
  7. Google Web Toolkit
  8. Google Web Designer

1. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is also known as Google Web Fonts. It is a library of 1029 free licensed font families, an interactive web directory for browsing the library, and API for efficiently using the fonts through Android or CSS.

Google Tools

Features of Google Fonts

There are various features of Google Fonts:

  • Google Fonts is a free tool
  • It is easy to use and completely online
  • An extensive selection of Fonts in exceptional Font browser
  • With Google Fonts, the design of our website will improve a lot
  • We can choose a display font.
  • Attractive and user-friendly fonts

2. Polymer

A polymer is another Google tool for web design. A polymer is an open-source JavaScript library for developing web applications using web components. The library is developed by Google developers and contributors on GitHub.

It is used by various Google services and websites, including Google Play, Google Sites, YouTube Gaming, Google I/O websites, etc.

Some other notable users contain Nuxeo, ING, Netflix, Coca-Cola, BBVA, IBM, McDonald's, etc.

Google Tools

Features of Polymer

There are various features of polymer:

  • Computed properties
  • Gesture events
  • Both one-way and two-way data blinding
  • A simplified way of creating custom elements
  • Conditional and repeat templates

3. Google Developers

Google Developers is a Google tool. This tool is used for software development and platforms, technical resources, and application programming interfaces (APIs). This tool comprises documentation on using Google developer tools and Application Programming Interface (APIs) containing blogs for developers, discussion groups using Google's developer products.

APIs are provided for almost every Google's popular consumer products such as Google Apps, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Google developers tool also offers a wide variety of developer products and tools built explicitly for developers.

Google Tools

4. Dart

Dart is developed by Google. Dart is a client-optimized programming language for applications on numerous platforms. Dart is used for developing desktop, server, web, and mobile applications.

It is an object-oriented, garbage collected, class-based language with C-style syntax. Dart can compile JavaScript or native code. Dart supports abstract classes, type inference, reified generics, mixins, and interfaces.

Google Tools

Features of Dart

There are various features of Dart:

  • Dart is an object-oriented programming language that is developed by Google.
  • It is an open-source platform.
  • Dart is cross-platform, and it supports all major operating systems.
  • Flexible compilation and execution
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Dart is backed with a wide community of Dart developers. So, it is simple to find the help if we got trapped at some point while building an app.
  • Dart contains a rich set of inbuilt libraries installed in the Dart SDK, including convert, async, core, math, etc.

5. Go Programming Language

The Go is a programming language that is statically typed and complied language. This language is designed by Ken Thompson and Robert Griesemer at Google. Syntactically, Go programming language is like C language, but with garbage collection, memory safety, CDP-style concurrency, and structural.

Google Tools

Features of Go Programming Language

There are various features of Go Programming Langauge:

  • Google Cloud is built on Go.
  • Go provides robust out-of-the-box performance, simple formatting, package management, and syntax to build and decrease time to market.
  • If we use Go on Google cloud, then we can build efficient, secure software with the help of microservices and manage to compute costs with auto-scaling.
  • Find, diagnose, and fix complex issues.
  • Modernize our system architecture

6. Google Swiffy

Google Swiffy is a web-based tool which is developed by Google. This tool converted SWF files to HTML5. The main goal of Google Swiffy is to display Flash contents on devices which cannot support Flash for example Android Tablets, iPad, and iPhone. This tool was shut down July 1, 2016.

Google Tools

7. Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is used by a number of products of Google, including Google Wallet and Google AdWords. GWT is open source, free, and it is used by a number of enthusiastic developers worldwide.

GWT underlines reusable ways to common web development tasks, namely asynchronous remote procedure calls, cross-browser portability, bookmarking, UI abstraction, history management, and internationalization.

Google Tools

Components of Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

There are various components of Google Web Toolkit (GWT):

  • JRE emulation library
  • GWT Development Mode
  • GWT web UI class library
  • GWT Java-to-JavaScript Compiler

Features of Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

There are various features of Google Web Toolkit (GWT):

  • Simple RPC mechanism
  • HTML canvas support (subject to API changes)
  • Unit testing integration
  • Open-source
  • Browser history management
  • Support for using Google APIs in Google Web Toolkit (GWT) applications.
  • GWT handles few cross-browser problems for the developer.
  • Support for Full-features Java debugging.
  • The JavaScript that GWT compiler generates can be either obfuscated and shortened to download or easy to understand and minimize.

8. Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is another tool for web design. It is an advanced web application that allows us to design and create HTML5 ads and other web content using integrated visual and code interface. With the help of the design view of the Google Web Designer, we can develop content using text, 3D objects, and drawing tools and we can animate events and objects on a timeline.

With the help of the Google Web Designer's Code view, we can create JavaScript, CSS and XML files and use code auto completion, and syntax highlighting, which make it easier to write code with less error.

Google Web Designer is a tool for Linux, Mac, Windows from Google for generating interactive HTML5 content and HTML5 ads. Google Web Designer provides a GUI with basic design tools like Text tool, which integrates with Google Web fonts, Pen tool, shapes tool, and 3D tools.

It is a standalone application built which helps us to make better online advertisements. Using Google Web Designer, we can create ads from scratch or use a wide set of templates.

Google Tools

Features of Google Web Designer

There are various features of Google Web Designer:

  • Pre-programmed web components.
  • Create multiple pages for products.
  • Quick mode or layers on a timeline.
  • Animation and interactive components.
  • iFrame, tap areas, YouTube, and image components.
  • Automatic component metric reporting.

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