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ISKCON Temple Bangalore

International Society for Krishna Consciousness is, commonly referred to as ISKCON, is a globally renowned organization, and this organization mainly follows the traditions of Gaudiya Vaishnava. It is an international religious organization operating in many countries worldwide. To promote the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and the Bhagavat Purana, ISKCON was created in 1966, and ISKCON is said to have been founded by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Currently, this religious organization has its headquarters in Nadia, West Bengal. As a part of its awareness campaigns, ISKCON has established many temples in different countries worldwide. The ISKCON Temple of Bangalore is one such prominent and important ISKCON Temple. This article will give you details about the ISKCON Temple of Bangalore.

ISKCON Temple Bangalore

ISKCON Temple Bangalore

Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra Temple, usually called ISKCON Temple Bangalore, is an ISKCON-connected temple. This temple is among the biggest Krishna temples, and it is present in the Rajajinagar region of Northern Bangalore. The ISKCON Temple in Bangalore was finished in 1997, and the temple was then opened for visitors. Also, the Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma was invited to the inauguration ceremony of the temple.

Temple Architecture

The construction of this temple is as beautiful as any other ISKCON Temple. The temple's architecture is directly inspired by the Hindu temples constructed in the Indian subcontinent during medieval India. A large kalash made of pure Gold is placed at the top of the temple, and a golden flag post or dhwaja stambh is also a beautiful sight to watch which is 56 feet high.

Deities in the Temple

The ISKCON Temples mainly have deities of Lord Krishna in them. Similarly, the ISKCON Temple in Bangalore has Radha Krishna as their main deities. Moreover, you can see the shrines of Krishna Balaram, Nitai Gauranga, Srinivasa Govinda, Srila Prabhupada, and Prahlada Narasimha in this temple.

Darshan Timings

The temple is open for visitors throughout the day. But to get the best experience of daily worship and witness other traditions of this temple, then the time of Brahma muhurta is the best. Brahma muhurta is the time about one and a half hours before sunrise. It is believed that worshiping in Brahma muhurta brings beauty, strength, knowledge, wisdom, and health.

How to Reach

It is quite easy to visit or come to ISKCON Temple in Bangalore because there is hardly any big or major city in India from where there is no means of reaching Bangalore. Bangalore is also the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Due to this, Bangalore is well connected to all the major cities of India by road, air, and rail. If you want to come to Bangalore by train or rail, you can easily come to Bangalore because it is well connected with all the major cities of India by Rail, and the distance of the ISKCON Temple of Bangalore is approximately 10 km from the railway station of Bangalore,

Suppose you want to come to Bangalore by bus, car, bike, or taxi. In that case, you can do that because Bangalore is well connected by road all over India, and from Kempegowda Bus Station, also known as Majestic Bus Station, ISKCON temple, is about 6 km. Many people want to travel far by flight because they do not want to spend much time traveling by bus or train. So it is easy for such people to come to Bangalore by flight because there is an airport in Bangalore, and this temple, or ISKCON temple, is about 30 km from Bangalore airport. You can go to this temple by taxi, bus, or car from Bangalore airport.


This temple is one of the largest temples of Lord Krishna in the world. This ISKCON temple is considered the most popular tourist destination in Bangalore City. It is believed that about 10 to 15 thousand people come here every day. If you also want to come here or visit this temple, plan your journey as soon as possible.

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