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The MathML <mo> element is used to specify an operator on a web page. It can specify any type of operator for example: =, +, ?, ?, and even parentheses and commas.

Let's take an expression to deploy an operator.

3 x - 2 y

Equivalent code:

Note: Traditional typography differentiates hyphens from minus signs, which are longer. In the above HTML code, we used a hyphen, but since we put it in an element, the browser read it as a minus sign.

Mathml Operators 1

Operator Entities

Operator entities are used to represent special symbols like minus signs, less than, greater than etc. HTML offers several character entities dedicated to mathematics. A list of most common operators:

Index Symbol Entity Hex Description
1) ? Subtraction
2) * × × Multiplication
3) / ÷ ÷ Division
4) Not equal
5) Approximately equal
6) < < < Less than
7) Less than or equal
8) > > > Greater than
9) Greater than or equal
10) ± ± ± Plus or minus

The operator entities are generally used as the content of an element:


Let's take an example to see the use of operators in MathML.

See this equation: 5 x - 4 y ? 0

Equivalent code:

Supporting Browsers:

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefox (Gecko)opera browser Operasafari browser Safari
<mo>Not SupportedNot SupportedSupportedNot SupportedOnly Basic Support

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