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Pure.CSS Grids

Pure Grid is a concept of Pure.CSS. There are two types of classes in Pure grid.

  • pure-g: a grid class
  • pure-u-*: unit classes

See the following rules to use pure grid:

  • Widths of Units are in fractions. For example, pure-u-1-2 represents 1/2 or 50% width, pure-u-2-5 represents 2/5 or 40% width and so on.
  • Children of Pure Grid (element with pure-g class) must be using pure-u or pure-u-* classnames.
  • All content should to be a part of a grid unit to be rendered properly.

Grid Unit Sizes

  • 5th unit size
  • 24th unit size

Let's take an example to show some of available units which can be appended to pure-ui-, and pure-g.

For example: If you want to create a cell of 50% width, you can use a css style pure-ui-1-2.

5th Based Unit


Test it Now


PureCSS Grids 1
PureCSS Grids 2

It will adjust itself in any screen size.

For example:

PureCSS Grids 3

24th Based Units

It is same as the 5th based units but the 24th based unit has class name pure-u-x-24, where x can be anything between 1 and 24 inclusive.


Test it Now


PureCSS Grids 4
PureCSS Grids 5
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