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Subjective vs Objective

Subjective vs Objective: There are many differences between subjective vs objective. A list of differences between subjective and objective are given below:

Objective: The objective statement is a completely unbiased statement. It doesn?t include the speaker previous statement and views. It is verified by looking up facts or performing mathematical calculation.

Subjective: The subjective statement also includes the previous statements of the speaker or the writer. It is not an unbiased statement because it includes the speaker individual thinking and approaches. It often has a basis in reality, but reflects the perspective through with the speaker views reality.

Where to use objective and subjective

Objective is generally used when you make any kind of rational decision. It may be objective for you that what should be purchased or which job offer to take. You should also be objective when you are watching the news channels.

Subjective is generally used when nothing tangible is at stake. When you are watching a movie or reading a book for pleasure, being subjective and getting caught up in the world of the characters makes your experience more enjoyable. If you are discussing any type of art you have to keep in mind that everyone?s opinions on a particular piece are subjective.

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