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Time Difference between India and Germany

The time of different places in the world is different. India and Germany also have different times at a particular moment. Let us see how this difference in time arises between two countries and how the day and time of a place in the world are determined?

Time Difference between India and Germany

We need to know latitude and longitude to understand the reason for the time difference between India and Germany. Latitude is a horizontal line that is drawn on the earth from East to West. These are parallel lines. The distance between the lines is also the same. There is a total of 181 latitude lines on the whole earth. Ninety lines on the north and 90 lines on the south, and one over the equator. The latitude lines horizontal lines.

The vertical lines on the east or west of the prime meridian comprise longitude. These lines run around the Earth vertically and join at the North and South poles. The distance between them is not parallel. The longest distance between them is at the equator.

There are two lines on the earth. The first is green which is meridian. By this, we determine the time. The second is International Date Line by which we determine the date. In 1972, a conference was held in England in which the time zone is decided. Earth is divided into 24 time zones. This time is decided on the basis of longitude lines that pass through that country. This line passes in India at 82.5 degrees. So the time zone is 5.30.

How is a time zone created?

Before the adoption of standard time zone, towns used to set their own local times. During that time, it did not matter if it's 12:05 or 12:20 in different cities but with the advent of rail technology and to keep up with the train schedule, People felt the need to know the exact time around 1883 USA and came to adopt a standard time.

India Time Zone

India uses GMT + 5:30 time zone. India has a distance of about 3,000 kilometres from east to west. Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of India have 1-hour time difference. This means for that place, sunrise is 1 hour earlier than other places of India. The normal sunrise time in Mumbai is 6:20 am, and sunset is at 7 pm. But in Arunachal Pradesh, sunrise is at 4.53 am, and sunset is around 6 pm. This situation is getting much more difficult in the winter season. In the winter season, sunrise in Mumbai will be at 6:40 am, and sunset will be around 6 pm. But for Itanagar, it changes a lot where the sunrise is at 5:30 am and sunset is at 4:30 pm.

For example, when people are planning a call between India and Germany. They have to consider that India and Germany are in different time zone. India is 3.30 hours ahead of Germany. If you are living in India, the most convenient time is between 2.30 pm and 6.00 pm for the conference call or the meeting.

Germany Time Zone

Germany uses time GMT+2. Here only a one-time zone is present. India is 3:30 hours ahead form Germany.

Time Difference between India and Germany

India Germany
Time in India is 3:30 hours ahead of Germany. Time in Germany is 3:30 hour behind of time in India.
8 pm in India 4:30 pm Germany
12 am in India 8:30 pm in Germany
12 pm in India 8:30 am in Germany
6 am in India means morning in India 2:30 am in Germany means midnight in Germany
9:30 pm in India means night in India 6:00 pm in Germany means evening in Germany.

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