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Difference Between VB.NET and Java


VB.NET is a simple, high-level, object-oriented language programming language developed by Microsoft in 2002. The VB.NET language is the successor to Visual basic 6.0, which is implemented on the .NET Framework. Application built using the VB.NET are much secure, robust, high-performance and easy to develop.


Java is a general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented programming language developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem in 1995 and later acquired by Oracle. Applications built with Java are very secure, robust, fast performing and platform independent. Due to the reusability of the code, programmers do not need to write Java code at every time, instead they can inherit functionality from the base class or we can say that it follows (WORA) Write once read anywhere which means write the code one time and read or call it anywhere in the programming language. So, in this way it reduces the code complexity in programming. Further, it is platform independent which means the developer does not need to create separate applications for different platforms. So, an application created for a single platform can run on multiple platforms such as Unix, Window, Macintosh systems

Difference Between Java and VB.NET

VB.NET is also a high level, object-oriented language developed by the Microsystem. Java is a high level, an object-oriented programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystem and currently owned by Oracle.
VB.NET is a platform dependent that can run on different versions of windows, but the mono organization found a new framework that can run on Linux too. Java is a platform independent. So, it can run on any operating system.
Whereas, VB.Net uses CLR (Common Language Runtime) at runtime to execute programs. It uses JVM (java virtual machine) at runtime.
It uses ADO.NET for database connectivity. It uses JDBC and ODBC for database connectivity.
It supports multithreading concept. Support Multithreading concept.
It uses Microsoft Unit Testing Framework and NUnit for unit testing, while it uses Net development services for web server Scripting. It uses Junit for unit testing, and Java Server faces (JFS) for Web Server Scripting.
It uses LINQ to define queries in .Net It has no LINQ features to define queries.
It is not case sensitive language. It is a case sensitive language.
VB.NET requires a window license. Java is an open-source framework.
Whereas, VB.NET uses a default IDE that is Microsoft Visual studio for developing an application. Java has various IDE for developing a java-based application such as Eclipse, NetBeans, IntellJ IDE that makes the development process more comfortable.

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