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Advantages of Python over Java

In the last few years, Python has made great progress. More than eight million developers use Java for developing applications. Both languages are capable of performing almost every task. Now, let's take a brief of both the languages and then understand the advantages of Python over Java.

Advantages of Python over Java

Java Introduction

Java is a concurrent, general-purpose programming language. It is a class-based and object-oriented programming language that follows the principle of WORA, i.e., "write once, run anywhere". Java is platform-independent and can run on each and every platform.


It represents real-world entities as an object-oriented programming language. It a dynamically typed language and carry out type checking at runtime. Unlike Java, Python is an interpreted language that executes the code line by line in the Python IDE(Integrated Development Environment).

1) Hello world Example

Let's take a simple example of the Hello world program to understand a basic difference between both of them.

From the above programs, it is clear that Python has less line of code as compared to Java.

2) Syntax

As we already discussed above that Python is a dynamically typed language. It means that we don't need to define the type of the variable as it checks automatically by the interpreter at runtime. The Python code has become much more readable and simpler due to its design of "English-like".

Python doesn't use braces to make the code similar to that of pseudocode.

In Java, we have to declare the type of the variable explicitly because of the dynamic type nature it. In Java, the code will not compile even if a small irregularity present.

So, the syntax of Python is very simple and readable.

Let's understand some more differences based on the application, job opportunity, and salary.

3) Based on application

Let's understand the difference between Python and Java on the basis of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Web Development.

  • Machine Learning
    Python is much more popular because of Machine learning. Python is a complete general-purpose language. People attempting to bring the power of AI into their own fields also draw on the use of Python and its importance in their respective fields.
    Java programming is also a good option for Machine Learning in a case when the platform is Java-based, and the database is old.
  • Data Science
    Python is very popular in the field of science and the research community. The reason is of it is simplicity and ease of use. Due to its versatility, Python has become a type of skill that allows an individual to engage with the data science community or a computer science-based development community.
  • Web Development
    Both languages are used for backend development. From the designing perspective, it is very tough to cover all the requirements from scratch. In order to maintain the readability and effectiveness, the developer uses the framework like Django and Flask(Python). Flask framework is used to perform the basic functionality, and for more features, Django is used.
    Spring is a well-known backend framework of Java, but it is not as popular as compare to Django.

4) Based on Job Opportunity

Both the language has a different set of job opportunities. But it is worth noting that Python is making more progress than Java.

5) Based on Salary

From both of the language, Python is the highest-paid programming language. The average salary of Python developers can be higher, but it cannot explain all the factors of Python being preferred for engineers.

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