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New Features in Java

There are many new features that have been added in java. There are major enhancement made in Java5, Java6, Java7 and Java8 like auto-boxing, generics, var-args, java annotations, enum, premain method , lambda expressions, functional interface, method references etc.

Most of the interviewers ask questions from this chapter.

Do You Know?
  1. How to create generic class and generic method in java ?
  2. What is annotation and how to create custom annotation ?
  3. What is the advantage of assertion and where we should not use it ?
  4. What is variable argument and what rules are defined for variable argument ?
  5. What is the difference between import and static import ?
  6. How autoboxing is applied in method overloading. Which concept beats autoboxing ?
  7. What is enum type and how to specify specific value to the enum constants ?

JavaSE 8 Features

The important features of JavaSE 8 are lambda expressions, methods references, default methods, functional interface, java 8 date/time, stream classes etc.

JavaSE 7 Features

The important features of JavaSE 7 are try with resource, catching multiple exceptions etc.

  • String in switch statement (Java 7)
  • Binary Literals (Java 7)
  • The try-with-resources (Java 7)
  • Caching Multiple Exceptions by single catch (Java 7)
  • Underscores in Numeric Literals (Java 7)

JavaSE 6 Features

The important feature of JavaSE 6 is premain method (also known as instrumentation).

  • Instrumentation (premain method) (Java 6)

J2SE 5 Features

The important features of J2SE 5 are generics and assertions. Others are auto-boxing, enum, var-args, static import, for-each loop (enhanced for loop etc.

J2SE 4 Features

The important feature of J2SE 4 is assertions. It is used for testing.

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