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Java 9 Try With Resource Enhancement

Java introduced try-with-resource feature in Java 7 that helps to close resource automatically after being used.

In other words, we can say that we don't need to close resources (file, connection, network etc) explicitly, try-with-resource close that automatically by using AutoClosable interface.

In Java 7, try-with-resources has a limitation that requires resource to declare locally within its block.

Example Java 7 Resource Declared within resource block

This code executes fine with Java 7 and even with Java 9 because Java maintains it's legacy.

But the below program would not work with Java 7 because we can't put resource declared outside the try-with-resource.

Java 7 Resource declared outside the resource block

If we do like the following code in Java 7, compiler generates an error message.


error: <identifier> expected

To deal with this error, try-with-resource is improved in Java 9 and now we can use reference of the resource that is not declared locally.

In this case, if we execute the above program using Java 9 compiler, it will execute nicely without any compile error.

Java 9 try-with-resource Example


File written

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