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Difference between object and class

There are many differences between object and class. A list of differences between object and class are given below:

1)Object is an instance of a class.Class is a blueprint or template from which objects are created.
2)Object is a real world entity such as pen, laptop, mobile, bed, keyboard, mouse, chair etc.Class is a group of similar objects.
3)Object is a physical entity.Class is a logical entity.
4)Object is created through new keyword mainly e.g.
Student s1=new Student();
Class is declared using class keyword e.g.
class Student{}
5)Object is created many times as per requirement.Class is declared once.
6)Object allocates memory when it is created.Class doesn't allocated memory when it is created.
7)There are many ways to create object in java such as new keyword, newInstance() method, clone() method, factory method and deserialization.There is only one way to define class in java using class keyword.

Let's see some real life example of class and object in java to understand the difference well:

Class: Human Object: Man, Woman

Class: Fruit Object: Apple, Banana, Mango, Guava wtc.

Class: Mobile phone Object: iPhone, Samsung, Moto

Class: Food Object: Pizza, Burger, Samosa

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