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ATmega32-8 Bit AVR MicroController

The AVR microController is based on the advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture. ATmega32 microController is a low power CMOS technology based controller. Due to RISC architecture AVR microcontroller can execute 1 million of instructions per second if cycle frequency is 1 MHz provided by crystal oscillator.

ES ATmega32-8 Bit AVR

Key Features:

Consider some general features of ATmega32 microcontroller is:-

  • 2 Kilo bytes of internal Static RAM
  • 32 X 8 general working purpose registers
  • 32 Kilo bytes of in system self programmable flash program memory.
  • 1024 bytes EEPROM
  • Programmable serial USART
  • 8 Channel, 10 bit ADC
  • One 16-bit timer/counter with separate prescaler, compare mode and capture mode.
  • Available in 40 pin DIP, 44-pad QFN/MLF and 44-lead QTFP
  • Two 8-bit timers/counters with separate prescalers and compare modes
  • 32 programmable I/O lines
  • In system programming by on-chip boot program
  • Master/slave SPI serial interface
  • 4 PWM channels
  • Programmable watch dog timer with separate on-chip oscillator

Special Microcontroller Features:

  • External and internal interrupt sources
  • Six sleep modes: Idle, ADC noise reduction, power-save, power-down, standby and extended standby.
  • Power on reset and programmable brown-out detection.
  • Internal calibrated RC oscillator

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