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Caesar Cipher Program in Java

It is one of the simplest and most used encryption techniques. In this technique, each letter of the given text is replaced by a letter of some fixed number of positions down the alphabet.

For example, with a shift of 1, X would be replaced by Y, Y would become Z, and so on. Julius Caesar was the first one who used it for communicating with his officials. Based on his name, this technique was named as Caesar Cipher technique.

An integer value is required to cipher a given text. The integer value is known as shift, which indicates the number of positions each letter of the text has been moved down.

Caesar Cipher Program in Java

We can mathematically represent the encryption of a letter by a shift n in the following way:

Encryption phase with shift n = En (x) = (x+n)mod 26

Decryption phase with shift n = Dn (x) = (x-n)mod 26



Shift : 23



Shift : 4


We use the following steps to implement the program for the Caesar Cipher technique:

  1. Take an input string from the user to encrypt it using the Caesar Cipher technique.
  2. Take an input integer from the user for shifting characters. The input integer should be between 0-25.
  3. Traverse input string one character at a time.
  4. Depending on the encryption and decryption, we transform each character as per the rule.
  5. Returns the newly generated string.

Let's use the above-discussed steps and implement the code for the Caesar Cipher technique.


Caesar Cipher Program in Java

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