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cint in Java

Java, a versatile and widely used programming language, provides a robust foundation for building various data structures and classes. In this section, we will delve into a custom class named Cint that represents a comparable integer, offering additional functionality for comparison operations.

Java Cint Class

The Java Cint class is part of the collections.sortable package and extends the Object class while implementing the Comparable2 interface. The class encapsulates an integer value and provides methods for comparing instances of the class.

Understanding Cint's Functionality

1. Constructor

The class features a constructor that initializes the Cint object with an integer value.

2. Getter and Setter

To interact with the encapsulated integer value, the class provides a getter and a setter.

3. Comparison Methods

The isLess() and isGreater() methods enable comparisons between Cint objects.

4. equals() Method

The equals method facilitates equality comparisons between Cint instances.

5. hashCode() Method

The hashCode() method generates a hash code for the Cint object.

6. To String Method

The toString method converts the Cint object into a string representation.

Let's use the Cint Class in a Java program.

Cint Class Usage


7 is less than 10
7 is equal to 7
Hash Code for 7: 7
Hash Code for 10: 10

To get the output, first we have to compile both the classes:


Now run the CintExample file:

Java CintExample


The Cint class offers a customizable and extensible approach to handling comparable integers in Java. Developers can utilize its methods to perform various operations based on their specific requirements. By incorporating classes like Cint into their codebase, Java developers can enhance the flexibility and functionality of their applications.

Incorporating custom classes with comparable functionality is a common practice in Java programming, enabling developers to tailor their solutions to the unique needs of their projects. The Cint class serves as a testament to the extensibility and versatility that Java offers to programmers seeking to create efficient and tailored solutions.

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