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Convert String to Biginteger In Java

In the world of programming, dealing with large numbers is a common occurrence. When it comes to handling massive numerical values, Java provides a powerful class called BigInteger. In this section, we will explore how to convert strings into BigInteger objects in Java enabling us to manipulate and perform calculations.

Understanding BigInteger

BigInteger is class of the java.math package and serves as an immutable representation of an arbitrary-precision integer. Unlike primitive data types, BigInteger can handle numbers of any size, limited only by the memory available. Its flexibility and precision make it an invaluable tool for working with large numerical values.

Converting Strings to BigInteger

Converting a string into a BigInteger object is a straightforward process in Java. We need to import the java.math.BigInteger class into our code. Once imported, we can create a BigInteger object by calling the constructor and passing the string representation of the number as an argument. For example:


Converted BigInteger: 123456789

In the above code snippet, we have created a BigInteger object called bigInteger by passing the string "123456789" to the constructor. Finally, we print the converted BigInteger value to the console.

Handling Invalid Input

While converting strings to BigInteger, it's crucial to handle potential exceptions that may arise. If the input string contains non-numeric characters or is empty, a NumberFormatException will be thrown. To prevent such exceptions, we can utilize exception handling techniques such as try-catch blocks to gracefully handle invalid input. Here's an example:


Invalid input: ABC123

In this code snippet, we attempt to convert the string "ABC123" into a BigInteger. Since the string contains non-numeric characters, a NumberFormatException is thrown. We catch this exception and display an appropriate error message.


We explored the process of converting strings to BigInteger objects in Java. We learned about the BigInteger class and its significance when dealing with large numerical values. By following the steps outlined in this post, we can effortlessly convert strings into BigInteger objects and unlock the potential of performing complex calculations on colossal numbers.

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