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C# Dictionary Initializer

C# Dictionary initializer is a feature which is used to initialize dictionary elements. Dictionary is a collection of elements. It stores elements in key and value pair.

Dictionary initializer uses curly braces ({}) to enclose the key and value pair.

Let's see an example, in which we are initializing value for each key.

C# Dictionary Initializer Example 1


{ Key = 1 Value = Irfan }
{ Key = 2 Value = Ravi }
{ Key = 3 Value = Peter }

In this example, we are storing student data into the dictionary. We are using dictionary initializer to store student data. See, the following example.

C# Dictionary Initializer Example 2


Key = 1 Value = {101, Rahul Kumar, [email protected]}
Key = 2 Value = {102, Peter, [email protected]}
Key = 3 Value = {103, Irfan, [email protected]}

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