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Eclipse Shortcuts Java

IDEs are an integral part of a programmer's life because it provides an easy way to develop application. Another advantage of IDE is that it supports various popular programming languages. If one has good expertise in using IDEs or editors (like Eclipse), it adds more advantages to the programmer's skill. The tool becomes handy for the programmer.

The developers must aware of the shortcuts of IDEs that make tasks easy and handy. It also saves time and effort. In this section, we will discuss the keyboard shortcuts of Eclipse IDE.

The section is for those who are intended to use Eclipse as IDE. Keyboard shortcuts are very important for comfortable and quick editing.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Eclipse IDEs

Key Combination Action
Find and Search
Ctrl + Shift + U Find reference in file.
Ctrl + Shift + T Finds class even form JAR files.
Ctrl + Shift + R Finds any resource (file) also includes XML files.
Ctrl + Shift + G Searches the workspace for references to the selected method or variable.
Ctrl + Shift + P To find closing brace. Place the cursor at the opening brace and use this. Or go to matching parentheses.
Ctrl + H Java search in workspace
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Search repository for task
Alt + Shift + Y Toggle Word Wrap
Ctrl + _ Toggle split editor (horizontal)
Ctrl + { Toggle split editor (vertical)
Insert Toggle overwrite
Alt + Shift + O Toggle Mark Occurrence
Ctrl + Shift + Insert Toggle Inset Mode
Alt + F11 Toggle Full Screen
Alt + Numpad divide sign Toggle Folding
Ctrl + Shift + C Toggle Comment
Ctrl + Shift + B Toggle Breakpoint
Alt + Shift + A Toggle Block Selection
Ctrl + 10 Show View Menu
Alt + Shift + Q, S Show view (search)
Alt + Shift + Q, Y Show view (synchronize)
Alt + Shift + Q, K Show view (Task list)
Alt + Shift + Q, T Show view (type hierarchy)
Alt + Shift + Q, V Show view (variables)
Alt + Shift + Q, B Show view (breakpoints)
Alt + Shift + Q, H Show view (cheat sheets)
Alt + Shift + Q, C Show view (console)
Alt + Shift + Q, L Show view (Error log)
Alt + Shift + Q, Z Show view (History)
Alt + Shift + Q, J Show view (Javadoc)
Alt + Shift + Q, O Show view (Outline)
Alt + Shift + Q, P Show view (package explorer)
Alt + Shift + Q, X Show view (problems)
Alt + Shift + Q, D Show view
F2 Show tool tip description
Alt + - Show system menu
Alt + Shift + S Show Source quick menu
Ctrl + F10 Show ruler context menu
Alt + Shift + T Show refactor quick menu
Ctrl + Shift + U Show occurrence in file quick menu
Alt + Shift + W Show In…
Alt + Shift + B Show in breadcrumb
Shift + F2 Show Javadoc for the current element
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Right Show context quick view
Alt + Shift + F3 Show contributing plug-in
Ctrl + T Show inheritance tree of current token
Ctrl + Shift + L Show active key bindings (Eclipse keyboard shortcuts)
Alt + Shift + W show a class in package explorer
Alt + Shift + X, A Run Java applet
Alt + Shift + X, J Run Java application
Alt + Shift + X, O Run OSGi framework
Alt + Shift + X, R Run on server
Ctrl+ F11 Run
Alt + Shift + X, Q Run Ant Build
Alt + Shift + X, E Run Eclipse application
Alt + Shift + X, P Run JUnit Plugin Test
Alt + Shift + X, T Run JUnit test
Ctrl + Alt + X, G Run Gradle Test
Ctrl + F11 Run last run program
Alt + Shift + X To run Ant build file using keyboard shortcuts in Eclipse
Ctrl + A Select All
Alt + Shift + Up Select enclosing elements
Shift + End Select line end
Shift + Home Select line start
Alt + Shift + Right Select next element
Ctrl + Shift + Right Select Next Word
Alt + Shift + Left Select previous element
Ctrl + Shift + Left Select previous Word
Quick Assist
Ctrl + 3 Quick access
Ctrl + 2, F Quick assist - assign to field
Ctrl + 2, L Quick assist - assign to local variable
Ctrl + 2, M Quick assist - external method
Ctrl + 2, R Quick assist - rename in file
Ctrl + Shift + Q Quick diff toggle
Ctrl + 1 Quick fix
Ctrl + T Quick hierarchy
Ctrl + Right Next Right
Ctrl + F6 Next editor
Alt + F7 Next page
Ctrl + F8 Next perspective
Ctrl + F7 Next View
Alt + PageDown Next sub tab
Ctrl + Alt + G Find text in workspace
Ctrl + Shift + Up for navigating from member to member (variables and methods)
Ctrl + Shift + Down for navigating from member to member (variables and methods)
Ctrl + K find next/ previous
Ctrl + Shift +K find next/ previous
Ctrl + , Previous
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Previous editor
Alt + Shift + F7 Previous page
Ctrl + Shift + F8 Previous perspective
Ctrl + PageUp Previous Tab
Alt + PageUp Previous sub tab
Ctrl + Shift + F7 Previous View
Ctrl + Left Previous word
Ctrl + F For find, find/replace
Ctrl + Q for going to last edited place
Ctrl + L Go to line
Alt + Shift + V Move refactoring
Alt + Down Moves lines down
Alt + Up Move line up
Ctrl + Home Text Start
Ctrl + End Text End
Ctrl + Down Scroll line down
Ctrl + Up Scroll line up
End Line end
Home Line start
Ctrl + PageUp Navigate to the previous files from within the list of all open files.
Ctrl + PageDown Navigate to the next file from within the list of all open files.
Alt + Right Going forth while editing
Alt + Left Going back while editing
F3 Go to a type declaration
Ctrl + . (or -) Navigate to next or previous error
Open and Close
Ctrl + Alt + H Open call hierarchy
F3 Open declaration
Ctrl + Alt + T Open local terminal on selection
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M Open manifest
Ctrl + Shit + A Open-plugin artifact
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12 Open remote task
Ctrl + Shift + R Open resource
Ctrl + H Open search dialog
Ctrl + F3 Open structure
Ctrl + F12 Open task
Ctrl + Shift + T Open type
Ctrl + Shift + H Open type in hierarchy
Ctrl + Shift + V Open from clipboard
Alt + Shift +N Open new Project, file, class, folder, etc.
Alt + Enter Open properties of the current file, class, and folder.
Ctrl + E Open a file/ quick switch editor
Ctrl + Shirt + W Closing all files
Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W Closing current file
Ctrl + Shift + F4 Close all
F11 Debug
Alt + Shift + D, A Debug Java applet
Alt + Shift + D, J Debug Java Application
Alt + Shift + D, O Debug OSGi framework
Alt + Shift + D, R Debug on server
Alt + Shift + D, Q Debug Ant build
Alt + Shift + D, E Debug eclipse application
Alt + Shift + D, P Debug JUnit plugin test
Alt + Shift + D, T Debug JUnit test
Copy/ Paste/ Remove/ Delete
Delete Delete
Ctrl + D Delete line
Ctrl + Delete Delete next word
Ctrl + Backspace Delete previous word
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Delete to end of line
Ctrl + Alt + Down Copy lines
Ctrl + Insert Copy
Shift + Insert Paste
Shift + Delete Remove all visible results
Ctrl + Shift + \ Remove block comment
Alt + Shift+ U Remove occurrence annotations
Ctrl + Delete Remove Result
Shift + Delete Cut
Ctrl + Shift + F11 Coverage
Alt + Shift + E, E Coverage eclipse application
Alt + Shift + E, P Coverage JUnit plugin test
Alt + Shift + E, T Coverage JUnit Test
Alt + Shift + E, J Coverage Java application
Alt + Shift + E, R Coverage RAP JUnit Test
Alt + Shift + E, S Coverage SWT Bot Test
Alt + Shift + E, L Coverage Scala application
Alt + Shift + E, G Coverage TestNG Suite
Alt + Shift + E, N Coverage TestNG Test
Ctrl + Break Terminate Result
Ctrl + Shift + E Switch to editor
Alt + Shift + Z Surround with quick menu
Ctrl + Alt + B Skip all break point
Ctrl + Shift + O Organize imports
Alt + Shift + F2 Plugin menu spy
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F9 Layout spy
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up Make landmark
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down Make less interesting
Ctrl + M Maximize active view or editor
Ctrl + G Declaration in workspace
Ctrl + Shift + D Display
Ctrl + Alt + Up Duplicate lines
Alt + Z Edit box select box
Ctrl + U Execute
Ctrl + Numpad_Add Expand
Ctrl + Shift + Numpad_Add Expand All
Alt + Shift + L Extract local variable
Alt + Shift + M Extract method
Ctrl + I Correct indentation
Ctrl + N New
Alt + Shift + N New menu
Alt + Shift + H Focus on active task
Alt + Shift + F Force return
Alt + Right Forward history
Alt + shift + G Generate code
Ctrl + J Incremental find
Ctrl + Shift + J Incremental find reverse
Alt + Shift + I Inline
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Insert line above current line
Shift + Enter Insert line below current line
Ctrl + Shift + I Inspect
Ctrl + Alt + J Join lines
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A Add artifact to target platform
Ctrl + Shift + / Add block comment
Ctrl + Shift + M Add import
Ctrl + Shift + N All instances
Alt + Left Backward history
Ctrl + B Build All
Alt + Shift + C Change method signature
Ctrl + Numpad_Subtract Collapse
Ctrl + Shift + Divide Collapse all
Ctrl + # Commit
Ctrl + Space Content assist
Ctrl + Shift + Space Context information
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Shift + G Reference in workspace
Alt + Shit + R Rename- Refactor
Ctrl + Shift + Numpad_Multiply Reset structure
Alt + Shift + Down Restore last selection
Alt + Shift + F1 Plugin selection spy
Ctrl + / For commenting, uncommenting lines and blocks
Ctrl + Shift + / For commenting, uncommenting lines with block comment
F4 Type hierarchy
Alt + Shift + J To add Javadoc at any place in the Java source file
Ctrl + Shift +F Autoformatting
Ctrl + Space Type assist
Ctrl + O Quickly list all methods of the class and again Ctrl + O lists
Alt + Shift + Z Enclose block in try-catch
Ctrl + M Minimize editor
F12 Focus on current editor
F6 Stopover
F5 Step into
F8 Resume
Alt + Shift + Z Enclose block in try-catch
Ctrl + S Save current editor and build
Ctrl + Shift + S Save all
F2 Rename a file, project, class, folder, etc.
F5 Refresh
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + + Zoom in
Ctrl + - Zoom out
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Deactivate Task
Ctrl + F9 Activate Task
F12 Activate Editor
Ctrl + Shift + X To upper case
Ctrl + Shift + Y To lower case
Alt + / Word completion
Shift + F5 Use step filter
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + 1 Use for quick fix

Except for the above keys, eclipse also allows us to create our own key combinations.

Customize Keys

In order to create a customized key, follow the steps given below:

Go to Windows menu -> Preference -> General -> Keys


Press Ctrl + 3, type keys, and press Enter.

After that type Name Description, Binding, and When for the customized key.

  • Name Description: Provides the description of the key.
  • Binding: Press the keys you want to create.
  • When: It describes when the key will work.

After completing the above three steps, click on the Apply and Close button to reflect the changes.

Eclipse Shortcuts Java

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